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Looked like a valonia. It collects crap and fills. You want to pull them out without popping it.

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Originally Posted by sharkie chomp View Post
while viewing my tank today, I noticed what looks like a crab body with blue legs. I had thought mybe one had died before I got a chance to get more shells for them to grow into. I had only been able to see one crab at the time too. I finally noticed the other shell, and to my surprise it still had the crab in it and alive n kicking. so where did the other body come from when I only bought 2 blue legged hermit crabs (in shells)? the other body does have blue legs too and is def. dead.

just wanted to edit this incase of confusion
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well, silly me...apparently my lil fear of crabs caused me to miss out on some vital info. Not only to do blue leg hermit crabs out grow their shels n fight over others but they also molt. I asked the guy at the lfs where i got them from if they shed or something and he said no. go figure. So that body I saw would have been a "skin". I haven't tried to get any fish yet, still just sitting patiently and observing the tank.

It seems as though i have about 5 starfish pieces that I've counted at one time and maybe even a small brittle star. I just happened to have seen something move on one of my pieces from behind it and noticed there were a few "tentacles/arms". I managed to stick my head around to the back of the tank and saw what it was. it's small and I've only seen it the one time but it def. resembles the brittle stars.

I also don't have much knowledge about jellyfish in captivity, but I noticed these little tiny things every once in awhile that have a rounded top with little tentacles that dart around when the lights get turned off. they move just like a jelly fish does and is clear with a small thing in the middle. I really don't know what they could be, I've only seen about 4 of them. I've also come across a snail or slug that has laid eggs in a few spots on the sides of the tank. it's kinda purple/maroon like with little pieces sticking out from it all the same color.

any thoughts would be apprecitated as I'm very bad at remembering all the tank animals names due to there being so many within fresh and saltwater and majority are hard to pronounce.
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ok, just an update. I haven't done much with the tank yet...still waiting to see how it goes before making any big purchases. I did get a digital timer (love it) and a floating magnet cleaner (has a string attached to the floating piece so i can pull it out easily when not using it. I am considering getting a h2o circulator that's for nanos in hopes of getting more water movement...not sure yet.

I bought 4 more blue leg hermit crabs and about 6 empty shells. one of my other original crabs shed and left it in the front of the tank. really cool looking.

I also picked up a small emerald crab.

as a thought to help keep phosphates and nitrates out of the tank, I am considering getting a small amount of chaeto aglae and create a ball at the back of the tank. I had to put water in my tank from evaporation and only had tap water, which put enough phosphates in to start unwanted algae. now I keep r/o freshwater on hand for evaporation purposes and water changes (easier to mix saltwater than to buy it pre-made with my tank being so small)

still no fish. the most starfish pieces i've seen at one time now is 7, and I still have those little jellyfish like things. they are actually getting bigger and becoming more in number. not big enough to take a pic, and i still have to take one to the lfs to find out for sure what they are.
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I have no idea, but I have seen them before and heard this question asked on many occasions. They do look exactly like small jellies. In my second hand experience, they generally die off over the course of a few months.
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whatever they are, I think they ate some of my copepods. we'll see how much longer they last.
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ok, call me crazy, but I turned on my light today and i noticed 2 teeny tiny thigns swimming around...they have eyes, look like lil baby fish til they move a tail like thing that seems to be kinda tucked under them. I find it odd that i'm seeing them now, muchless any new creature other than the ones I put in since I haven't put any corals or rocks in that would be carrying these creatures.
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Been awhile since I've been in here so, here's what's new.

Tank was coming along nicely and then I switched my work hours and rotation going to the graveyard shift, and never had time to mess with the tank as much as it needed it being as small as it is. So, I've decided to upgrade to a 20-30 gal. tank where I'll get a little more leeway on my time. I still want to keep the filtration as natural as possible. I'm thinking of getting one of those Bak-pak filter/protein skimmers and put chaeto, live rock, and a light on top of it to help with this. here is the website
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