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I want to remind the reader, and Sharkie, that this thread was created in the "Starting a Saltwater Aquarium" section of the forum. This sections is subtitled "Talk about starting saltwater aquariums for the first time."

This portion of the site is for beginners with very little experience who are looking to set up their first saltwater aquarium. If you are an experienced fishkeeper or do not have beginning level questions, then your question should be posted in the "Saltwater Aquariums" area for a more appropriate discussion. The moderating team will explore ways to make it more clear that only beginner level discussions belong in this section.

Back to the thread....

I never said this couldn't be done. I said this couldn't be done by someone with a beginner level skill set. If you have the level of experience that you describe, then you certainly are not a beginner. I would suggest you post your discussion in the "Pictures and Videos" area, starting a build thread, and use your experience to share with others the techniques you will use to make this 2 gallon mini reef a success.
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just a question,, and please don't take it the wrong way, if you are so set on doing it and so confident that you will be successful....then why are you asking for advice?
look, I've also kept fresh water for over 10 years, all different sizes and all different species....I also tried saltwater a few years ago, and did not ask for advice, and sure enough my system crashed. This is why I am taking advice seriously, BUT, if I want to do something, I will, and will not argue with members for their opinions. If you are set on doing something do it, but don't shoot people down for their replies to your ideas, afterall, you are asking.

again, please don't take offense, as there is none meant by it
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it really wasn't advice, it was more curiosity and just double checking things. I didn't realize such a small amount of people have done a salt water in a tank this size. I'm just going to stick with the people I know have done it from here on out.
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Hey sharkie A question for you. Aside to what pasfur has said and every one else on here. We are all beginners and experianced. Aside that there are people on here that would like to watch your build be succesfull including me. Who cares what the experince is. Im not disagreeing with you Pasfur or anyone else. Im just saying let keep the peace here. Lets see your build come to gether and lots of pic. As to there may be others That come on to the sight that wants to try one some day. I am a beginner in the salt water Pasfur has helped me a lot maybe with your skills you can help others just like he has helped me. Best regards Mollies
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yea. what pasfur said was just facts. if u want to try it do it! and if it succeds (how do u spell tht?) then i would LOVE to see it! i think a 2 gal tank would be amazing! were u planning on centering the rock/rocks? ive never had a saltwater tank so i know NOTHING but i know u need salt, water, rocks, and fish.... :P

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well, I was going to see if I can get some crushed live rock for the substrate ( can get it almost free and from an already cycled tank at my lfs) and then a small live rock (prolly center back of tank). I don't have the light or heater yet, but I'm gonna find where I want the tank setup and just set it up without any fish or animals for awhile. with the crushed live rock i'm gonna get, cycling shouldn't take as long, but I still want it to be just right for awhile.
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Do you plan on using sand on the bottom and mixing the crushed live rock into the sand bed? I have had pretty good success with that technique... seeding the life in the sand.
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I thought about doing that, but my concern is that the sand might go through the holes in the filter and cause it to not work as it should. my next day off is fri. and i'm goin to try to go to my lfs and talk to my co-workers husband about getting the crushed live rock. an option I thought about would be to put a layer of micron fabric in the bottom of the tank ontop of the filter before putting substrate in. just not sure how it would affect the filter. My co-worker said she uses the crushed live rock with the undergravel filter and has not problems with it.
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post #19 of 58 Old 10-19-2009, 07:16 PM
Not to sound like a nob, but I don't understand the want to use ANY filtration in a marine tank. As far as I see it, with a sensibly stocked tank all you need is natural filtration (live rock and sand) and a protein skimmer.

Can you give us a quick run down of the kit you intend to use?

I think 2 gallons is far too small for a clown too. I suppose you might get away with an Ocellaris, though I would recommend at least 20 gallons for it to be happy.

A small goby or similar might be a better bet.

What lighting are you going to use?

Why not just use a bigger tank seems the obvious question! Why exactly do you want to go so tiny? Any size marine is tough to maintain if your just setting out in the salty world, let alone that small of a tank.

Listen to Pasfur. If there's anyone around these parts to listen to, it's Pasfur.
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I clearly agree with Willie, however, given as this thread is an attempt to do a 2 gallon marine tank, we can provide some constructive dialog and input, and hopefully everyone can achieve a take away to apply to whatever their future in this hobby holds.

That being said, I think Sharkie, that you have uncovered something about the system. Although this is technically an undergravel filter system, it is not being used like an undergravel in the traditional sense. Meaning, you won't have "gravel". You won't be cultivated an artificial supply of bacteria that consume organic waste. Your system will actually be used to provide water circulation around a layer of live rock. Crushed live rock or not, live rock is live rock and water flow is water flow, and your system is not all that different than most... at least not in the ultimate goal, which is to use live rock as a natural filter system.

Do you plan to utilize any skimming, or at least activated carbon?
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