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really quick basic picture but its to get a visual

this is the back of the tank, brown is the stand/conapy, grey is the lights/reflectors,blue is the tank,white grid is the eggcrate somehow attached along the back of it. this way it still stays open but at the same time no fish can jump.
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I'm quite new to the hobby but one thing I'm missing is a guide on when to add certain types of live stock. I have a 55gal tank with Fluval 305 cannister filter, Aqua C Remora hang on skimmer, plus 2 270gph power heads. I have about 90 - 100lbs of live rock and about 1 1/2" of live sand. Everything has been in place for about 2 weeks. I've done 1 10gal water change and a 5 gal water change. I've had a big (brown) diatom bloom which has since died off. I've finally started to see small "wildlife" either from the live rock or sand and I'm starting to see the growth of corraline algae.

I would like to add a few 'beginner' pieces of coral as well a cleaner inverts (shrimp, hermit crab and snails) as well as smaller fish for a community tank. However, after my cycle gets finished at what point do I add the other stock. Mainly:
When should I be adding the coral and does it need leaving before adding anything else.
Do I add fish first or inverts or one or two of each?
I understand the need for a quarantine tank so I have a small 10 gal tank with 1 piece of live rock and live sand for my quarantine. This has also been set up for about 2 weeks to ensure it is in line.

I test regularly to ensure water quality. My last test showed:
SG: 1.023
pH: 8.3
Temp: 80-81F
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 10ppm
Alkalinity & Calcium both high (180ppm & 400ppm)

Cheers for advice
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get rid of the fluval. canister filters tend to do more harm then good as they trap debris unless cleaned every other day or so. they do more harm then good. you could run it empty and just use it for more water flow.
your sand bed is also an issue as your going to want less then 1 inch, but better yet 4 to 6 inches. you can also go bare bottom with no sand. the QT doesnt need sand and is prob. best bare bottom ( for cleaning and treating with meds )

a mixture of different snails should slowly start to be added. by slowly i mean as your tank matures. personally i prefer snails over having any hermit crabs ( or any crabs ) as the hermits will rip snails from their shells and crabs will eat whatever they can get a chance to eat. shrimp arnt much of cleaners but will grab scraps. theyre most for "looks" except my cleaner shrimp jumps on my fish and picks at them.
properly stocking a tank with fish can tank months if not a year or more. its prob. best to come up with a fish list of what you wish to keep. this will help you choose what fish will get added when to avoid problems. slow and steady wins the race.
this is going to be a FOWLR? a reef?
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Thanks for the advice, I've measured my live roack and it actually about 2 - 2 1/2" deep.
I'm planning on the tank being a reef tank, but with just a few corals such as mushroom corals, perhaps an anemone if I feel I'm up to that.

I'm planning on slow and steady. If there is one thing I've learnt from reading it is take it easy. I believe my diatom bloom has finished (at least this one). The LR I purchased was already cured hence the reduced time. I would like to wait another two weeks before adding any livestock, then only adding about 2 items per month. Safety for the livestock and cost being the drivers for me. The tank is a long term plan and I've decided that it will be at least 6 months before it is stocked, especially with my 2 per month self-imposed limit.

I'll consider a couple of snails first then rather than the crabs. What about the types of corals, once livestock is added or before? Are there also limits on the amount of coral (soft and / or hard) to add at one time?

Thanks for the advice...forum is great for newbie.
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what fish do you plan on adding. this is an important step.

the corals you keep will depend on the lighting you get.
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I'm going to start off with a couple of clownfish (percula), Angel (pygmy - maybe fireball), Damsel (Green or Blue Chromis) and a blue tang. Those are my starters which I'm expecting to take about 3 to 4 months to introduce.
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I would strongly suggest not adding a Blue Hippo Tang to this aquarium. 55 gallons is not enough space to keep this fish successfully. This fish can be a difficult species to begin with, and for best chances at success you really need a 125 gallon tank minimum, preferably larger.

I would advise against Tangs in a 55 gallon tank, as a general rule. However, if you are going to carry a light fish load then you might be able to add one Tang. If you do, you need to stick with Tangs of the Ctenochaetus genus. These fish are less aggressive, do better than other Tangs in smaller sized aquariums, and are better algae grazers for reef setups.
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Thanks for that. I've heard mixed information about keeping Tangs. Once my LR has cycled, do I add the corals that I want before adding any livestock, or can I add coral as part of my slow buildup of the tank?
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I would suggest starting with some less expensive corals to see how they do. Fish and corals can be added at the same time, no big deal. Just take it slow, 2 or 3 weeks between livestock additions.

By the way, I missed this earlier. You are going to struggle keeping a Centropyge angelfish in a 55 gallon aquarium with any Tang. They compete for the same food source in the wild and often pursue each other in aquariums. This makes it critical that you only select Tangs only from the Ctenochaetus genus. I suggest a Kohl Tang or a Chevron for the hardy selections in this group. The Kohl is probably less aggressive and it is also the smallest meember of the family, which is a good thing for you. I would also strongly suggest that you add the Angelfish before the Tang. Finally, if you still decide on an Angel and a Tang in the same tank, I would rule out the Flame Angelfish, as this fish would not tolerate a Tang in such a small environment. Don't let the size fool you, the Flame Angel is highly territorial towards competing species.
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Thanks Pasfur for the advice. Being a newbie to this I'm listening to all advice so I don't make the costly mistakes and cruelty of keeping fish that are not compatible. I'll think I'll decide on either an Angel or a Tang and base the choice on your advice.
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