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i am so excited... my lights fit i have a great pump (well a few of them really) but the main circulation pump is adjustable flow (not sure of brand) ....

looking at the plan and trying a few experimental options just to see (more details if they are successful)

even got the wife on board with trying an other salt tank.... hehhehhe its always the cute fish that pull it off...

next step build and work out details ... then water testing it all to be sure i have all the kinks worked out...

now that its real..i can turn my thoughts to all the fine details of set up and no i am not talking stock yet....

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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i lied i need your help LOL...

so the issues i want to address at this moment are the cover and the inner "sump" area

lets start with the cover... i will be running 2 light fixtures on this tank and i really really want to use the legs and not do a canopy... personal preference no other reason... but a cover is a must 1. dog hair, 2. cat hair, 3 CATS, 4 live stock jumping risk (no plan for stock yet but who knows) and 5 evaporation

now one thought i had was to use plexi... the issue is every time i have in the past it bows and under these lights it will fold up in a day.
solution 1 is to put strips of plexi across the tank and bolt them to the rim via nylon bolts - down side the actual cover piece will still bow
solution 2 - go with glass cover and put lights right on it - did this before and really did not like the look or the hassle of moving them off everytime i need to top off or feed etc..

i need ideas on how to over come this issue or on how to create (or buy) a cover that will not bow and will accommodate my legs for the lights.

moving on to the sump area - as noted above i wanted to segment only a part of the tank off and solve some of the issue with a skimmer etc.. but tonight i had an idea please tell me your thoughts.. (be honest but really dont be a punk i am here for help)
my thought was to take a 5 gallon bow from tank i have (acrylic) and mount it inside the 30 breeder on an open stand of some type (for water flow under it) and then drill inlets on one side of the 5 gal.. in side attach a acrylic box for the water to run into that will hold filter pad, chemipure or carbon and then out let on the bottom into the 5 gal... in here i can set up a small container to grow cheato and then the pump would be plumbed to 2-3 outlets to vary the direction of currents in the DT..

the 5 gal would be painted black (krylon fusion) and the in tank stand would be hidden or worked into the rocks i would have at least one small pump pointing towards this area to ensure water movement..

i would eventually have a HOT skimmer with a sponge on the output into the 5 gal....

sorry for the wall of text... please any ideas welcome....

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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is this a 40 breeder? if so i have a glass lid you can have, but it has like a 1'' - 2'' gap along the back for filters and so on.

i dont think i would use plexi unless you were using LEDs. even glass will need frequent cleaning of salt creep. building a canopy is not an option?

i like your thinking with the bucket. i saw a tank where someone used a rectangle trash can cut in half verticly then siliconed into their tank. your ideas are flowing nice and it wont be long before you make this one yours.
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its a 30 breeder (not as tall but same dementions) i would love to grab that from you i am going to PM you tonight about it i am going into leominster monday perhaps we can meet??

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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ok so 1st thing is thank you for the kind offer OF but as we talked about getting out to you would be a little hard...

However the wife and i came up with the solution to the cover issue!!!we are going to use the front and back glass form a few 10 gallons we have around .... the over will be in three pieces with the outer 2 silicone in place and the center loose to accommodate moving for feeding and maintenance.. because of this we are moving our inner tank works to the middle and man it looks good .. as the actual work begins i will of course take pix ...

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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so i want a little input here but first let me explain what i have read versus what i want to do.. and no i am not looking for a flame festival just a good conversation about the ideas i am about to put forth...

1st lets talk experience versus plan .. i used tap water in my last tank .. never again lesson learned it need to be RO
now last time i tried adding elements and really did not get all prepared for this along with trying to keep the tank bigger better wow .. yeah did not work out to well ..

so this will be a much simpler tank and i have been pouring over information here and a number of other places .. calling reefers i know and checking out what has worked and not worked and so far i see a trend that i must have missed the last time... KISS
Keep It Simple Stupid

with this in mind i now have a much stronger (i think) plan of action it goes against a lot of common thoughts but some of the longest lived tanks i have seen seem to stay true to this course of action... so let me put this forth

Tank: 30 breeder
Heater: 100W set to 74F
Lights: 2x s bulb T5 (10k and true blue in each)
flow: power heads (unknown brand but combined will move around 300-400 GPH), and either a HOB filter (wait for explanation) or a Canister filter with modifications to the media (again wait for it)
filtration: 25 pounds dry rock (will become live) and 5-10 pounds Live rock, ~20 pounds live sand and WEEKLY water changes...

now for the canister or HOB part.. these would run filter floss to trap waist in and the floss would be changed weekly with the water. as i am able to make my own pads this is about $15 every 2-3 months.. if its a canister i will also run carbon in one chamber and leave one open or put LR in there to grow out over time and clean it when i do the WC...

as i intend to use Reef crystals (the orange bag) or salt i will not need to add anything to the system as all nutrients will be replaced with water changes and running with out a skimmer will eliminate the removal of some of the elements..

a very simple tank with a weekly 15 -20 minutes of work involved and not a million dollars in gear and additives..

this plan was developed after many hours of research and all the tanks i reviewed seemed to be along these lines of ultra simple.. and many many of the more complicated tanks were failures... not saying they wont work but often they keep getting more laborious and complex...

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder

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following along with my last post i am curious about HOB size... i am thinking that this will primarily only filer off the top (i am making a skimmer box for the intake tube) so a smaller one would be ok to use... any thoughts on this? if in time i got a canister then it will do a bit more and have a space for carbon or chemipure (or some such product) but for now and the first few months (remember slooooooooww build) i think the smaller one should do the trick...

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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I would use this skimmer and a false back. It's only 4 x 4.5 inches and rated for 65 gals. It an internal skimmer too.

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i like that the body of the skimmer is dark to help prevent algae build up.
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Hi Bear!!!!

Planning another tank I see...... I knew you wouldn't stay away!!

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