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tank looks awesome. sorry to hear about the clown. post more pics when you get the new fish or coral!
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dp0350: another question for you... I just purchased an Octopus NW 150 skimmer as well for my 90gal. I just installed and turned it on today, so its still breaking itself in, but I realized I had neglected one potentially very important thing: water depth!

As-designed, the water level in the skimmer chamber of my sump is exactly 12". However, after doing some reading I am starting to think that 12" of water might be much too deep for it to work well. What is the water depth in your skimmer chamber? If yours is working well for you, I may raise mine up if need be to match your water depth as a starting point. Or, if you happen to know that it will work fine at 12", then I'll just leave it be.

Thanks in advance!

"To an optimist, the glass is half-full;
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Mine is working perfect in 9-10 inches of water. All the the adjustable tube does is change the hydrostatic pressure by making the water travel higher into the air before falling into the sump. This adjustment depends on your sump water level. This in turn either raises the water level in the skimmer itself or allows the level to drop. Basically, try and adjust the tube to get the foam near the collar of the skimmer cup. Let the skimmer break in and see where that leaves you. I think that 12 inches should be fine. If you are running out of adjustment in the sliding tube then you may have a problem. What I really recommend is forgetting the whole tube. Go to Octopus Skimmer's website and look at the gate valve mod. You can buy it from them for about $35 or make it yourself. It allows MUCH finer adjustment of the skimmer and you don't have to get your hand wet with any adjustment. Another plus with the gate valve is you are adjusting the pressure by physically altering the size of the outflow. So no matter what your sump level you should be able to get a perfect height. I did the gate valve mod within a week of getting the skimmer and I am happy I did. I prefer to skim very dry but if I want to I can easily adjust it to skim very wet. Mine took a good 3 days to really kick into action. Monitor the level at first because it can go from not making and foam to overflowing the cup. Now, I barely ever adjust it.
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awesome, thanks for the quick response and that was a very informative description of the whole outflow tube operation. I had noticed the gate valve mod and wondered if it was worth it or whether they were just trying to jack another $35 from me :). I'll let the skimmer run for another week or so and see how/if it settles in, hopefully my 12" water depth will be fine. For now, while its still brand new and not producing any foam, I've got outflow tube adjusted so that the bubbles are bubbling right at the neck of the skimmer. Thanks again!

"To an optimist, the glass is half-full;
to a pessimist, the glass is half-empty;
to an engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be"
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