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Originally Posted by xsputnikx View Post
Well it seems im back to square one again with the whole project I thought I had a plan of attack, but now I may have to buy another tank... as im having trouble locating a top and bottom frame for my tank... ive talked to a few vendors... and today at lfs she said she could probably order it.... but im not sure... guess I will know in a day or so
Why is having a frame causing you problems? Was the tank home made? Before you scrap this tank, lets talk a bit. What are the dimensions of the tank? What thickness of glass did you use? How did you design the bottom? ("floating"?)
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You could always build a frame. I was reading your plans assuming you end up getting a frame or a new tank.
1. sand and rock. They have beat the rock thing to death so I wont add anything.
2. heater.
3. Skimmer
4. lights
5. After everything is settled and your cycle is complete, think about what kind of fish you want, add what you think will be the cheapest and most peaceful longterm. Stay away from most damsels, there are a couple safer ones but not cool mostly even if they do look pretty and are cheap.
6. A few months down the road find a cheap coral you like and try it.
7. All the extra tech stuff that looks all shiney. Realistically there are a bunch of odds and ends that are cool to add but personally I havent found a use for them. Calcium reactors yeah, they are useful, I cant justify the cost. Phosphate reactor, it was cheap although if you dont have phosphate it really doesnt matter(I keep one just to get rid of trace phosphate.)

As to your drilling thing. You can get hang on the back overflows. I used these successfully for years with no problems. They take up space in the tank and I think they are noisy compared to an intank standpipe(my new 90(130) gal is absolutely silent except for the fans on the light) but they are effective and do the job especially if drilling is a pain. I think most tank bottoms are tempered but sides are not(dont quote me on this, not 100%). Over the back overflows do offer added utility however as they make it easy to have a tank off to the side for other things not in your sump, like a frag tank or fuge but is easy to disconnect if need be.

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well.. my major concern is im worried about the stability of the tank.. it was donated to me.. im not sure of how old it is.. it has some scratches but not very bad at all and im sure once filled with water they wll decimate for the most part..

there is some yellowing of the silicone and it was very brittle.. I peeled the old silcone off and I was able to find one small tube of silicone from the store and I repaired the bad section I filled it with water a few days after it cured and let it sit for bout 8 hours and no leaks.. but the top and bottom frame was damaged bad so I ditched it... ive had trouble finding replacement frames.. the girl at the lfs I went to is supposed to be emailing me when she can find me trim...

my main concern is if the stabilitiy of the tank will be less without the frame in it.. I am either going to use the tank if I can locate a frame or just replace it with another 75 or 100 gallon...... but either way im going ahead with the project and I found some very good blueprints for a custom hood and stand and im supposed to be picking up the lumber for the build tomorrow... so hopefully I can ge it built by this weekend...

I went ahead and ordered me a salt gravity test...

my main goal was to make the workings of the tank hidden as possible... and over the course of time as I aquire enough live rock I was going to have a entire reef wall across the back of the tank so you cant see the over flow....

I think I want a down draft style skimmer unless you guys think this is not good for a 75 gallon tank..
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honestly im more intersted in the corals.. and natural life of the live rock than the fish.. I may get a few clowns... or something but im not even sure at this point what fish i want..
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I feel that way about my reef tank. I have fish since it is a bare bottom tank, in fact i could be considered over stocked, but aside from guests talking about them i hardly notice them. I havent had a fish loss in almost 8 months and have decided if I do(not trying to clear them out), I wont replace them since none of them are doing their assigned jobs anyway. Rabbit wont eat hair, coral beauty(blah), my clowns dont like each other but do not mess with each other either, mandarin actually did his job, just didnt do it fast enough(eat flatworms), 4 line wrasse didnt eat any(but it is a cool fish so G-Fresh stays, bonus points if you can name the movie that name is from), Chromises look nice and add color and movement. I like the smaller more less noticeable fish if you didnt notice. If things die out, I might stick with more reclusive fish in the future.
If you want oddball fish that are cool and fun to interact with but wont steal the show and compliment your corals I have some suggestions.
Hectors's and Harlequin gobies
Possum Wrass(one of my faves)
Blackcap basslet
Barnacle Blenny
Royal Gramma
marine betta/comet(also a fave)
Either of the Assessors yellow or blue
All these guys look awesome but wont distract from the coral or mess with it, and with a hundred gallon, all would be able to fit in my opinion. After your tank is established for awhile and you have a big enough tank to think about a mandarin or misc dragonette.

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I just want to add that many tanks are made without frames. It is not at all uncommon. If you can provide the dimensions and the thickness of the glass then I can check with my contacts to confirm if you need a frame.
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sure thing pasfur... the tank dimensions are 48 long x 18 wide x 20 tall glass has a 3/8 thickness... I am making some progress I was able to go to home depot tonight and get 2 full sheets cut for a sump tank... that the sump is going to be 22 long x 16 tall x 12 wide... and I had the left over scrap cut at random sizes to match the wall to wall inner dimensions of the tank to make a few different chambers... im bout to go look at a couple pics of refrigerum sumps to get a idea of how I want to lay it out...

but I wanted to ask is there a standard size bulkhead to use for the sump tanks and what do you guys recommend
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I was able to get a lil bit going for my diy sump tank I decided to go after a euro style sump

I got the plexi glass laid out

Next i created a hinge out of masking tape to make it easy to swing the end piece up after applying the plexiglass silicone

I didnt take a pic of each step but here you can see I got all corners siliconed to each other and held down with various support.. if i wasnt trying to do this on a budget I would have opted for a couple of trigger style clamps to hold everything together but instead I used the 99 cent masking tape.. and a change jar...

tomorrow I will test to make sure it is sealed good and holds water
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I found some good plans for a tank stand modified it to fit my 75 gallon and had the lumber cut at a local cabinet shop.... the wood I ended up using for the stand is super nice... and im really pleased with how it turned out..

I was able to get my stand built tonight I still have to go get some hinges, trim and vaneer for the stand, fill my screw holes with wood putty but the basic construction of it is done at least I will tackle the canopy tomorrow night

below is a few progress pictures

and finally tank sitting on top of stand... it turned out nice and is very sturdy.. but its far from done
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Originally Posted by xsputnikx View Post
sure thing pasfur... the tank dimensions are 48 long x 18 wide x 20 tall glass has a 3/8 thickness..
Yes, you need a frame. You can cut 2 strips of glass 48'' long and run them length wise on top. Similar to how acrylic tanks are often made.
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