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yellow young leaves

i, unfortunately, don't have pictures to provide

ph of my tank is currently a very stable 7.0
ammonia, ... (kinda going by memory here) was (guess) about 0.2, pretty sure it's much lower now

my pH used to be well over 8 (i'm aware that will completely remove iron from the water column

new leaves are very pale, yellow rather

plants that reach the surface, as much as the plant struggles to continue growing, the leafs edges slowly brown and die off.

tank is 29 gallon
lights are 4x old T5HO bulbs + window light
lights are about 10 hours per day currently

calcium levels are high is about all i can guarantee
symptoms sound like iron deficiencies IF the veins where darker

color alone sounds like calcium deficiencies

any guesses would be greatly appreciated
any additional information requested (i'll do my best to offer)

other test kits, ... i don't have
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the Hygrophila difformis (Water wisteria) when it does emerge and the leaves take on the emergent form, they curl back (especially around the edges)
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What substrate, what fertilizer and schedule, total watts on the lights, why is there ammonia, how do you know calcium is high, how did you lower your pH, is there any color in the veins of the leaves?

The solution is dilution.
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looking around the net, ... so every picture is someone elses ...

never looks like this:
this would be great, nice color under water, leaves proud and broad out of the water

found a picture from long ago of what the leaves where like back then (this is in transition from submerged to emerged, ... the color is pale at this point, the leaves are showing minor backwards curling:
but clearly lacking any deep green (same color submerged)

at times i lack focus and get side-tracked, so i haven't done much, recent curiosities have again inspired me to search for what is going on and what i can do to correct the issue
colors have gotten worse (more yellow)
seeing other pictures of what the tank used to be like, ... everything is more pale & yellow :(

(image pasting problems)

the colors are almost identical to this, i'm assuming the colors in the picture are due to glare from the lights, ... unfortunatly my plants look similar in color to this to my eyes (no glare - that's really sad :(
(the leaves are not stunted like this image - but my tank does have the tell-tale signs of potassium deficiency all over.)

i hope this helps.
i keep looking at the pictures of nutrient deficiencies online and wonder "well what can i add to fix it?"
but nothing quite seems the right description, ... the whole leaf is pale, no darker green veins on the leaves, ... this leaves me stumped.

i'm only ruling out calcium deficiency as the snails in the tank are good, the tank has dissolved almost 1.5 cuttle bones (29 gallons), ...

my default in thinking is nutrient deficiencies
i'm also curious about nutrient toxicity levels, ... but those are really hard to find information on :(

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watts of light, (not counting the dead bulb) about 150watts (working) 3xT5HO, 6500K)

fertilizing schedule - none
-yes that sounds bad, ... no water changes - so no nutrient loss (if that helps)

to ensure the tank pH, ... a 7.0 buffer is added to maintain that pH
i forget the brand (i'm at work, bottle is at home - it's a dry powder)

the veins are the same color as the leaves, they don't stand out at all as lighter or darker

i hope this shows up (picture of the emerged Hygrophila difformis (Water wisteria))
i'm unable to see it at work :(
if it's not visible, sorry :(

this is what the color was like months ago,
colors now are more pale, rather yellow instead of the pale green in this picture

as the image also shows, the veins don't stand out either lighter or darker
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Reference Team
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why no water changes?water changes replenish minerals in the tank.the plants have used up everything they can in the tank.try some flourish comprehensive.seems like your lights are pretty high.unless you are trying to grow high light demanding plants with need less light running.

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sandy, ... but what mineral is causing the problems ?, (to much ?, to little ?)
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Reference Team
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sound like lack of any minerals and high light. it is easy to say it is this mineral or that mineral if you have been fertilizing the tank.since you do not use ferts or do water changes,it could be multiple issues showing up on the same plant.nitogen deficiency shows up as tiny pale leaves,calcium as twisted,pale new growth,this can be confused with an overdose of k and mg.iron shows as yellowing of entire plant.magnesium shows as dark leaf veins and pale tissue.potassium as pinholes that yellow around them.phosphate and nitrogen deficiency in early stages resemble eachother,leaves are reabsorbed leaving dead patches.plants can get macros from livestock in the tank.micros need to be added.i would trim the effected material and dose micros.

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i know i'm being stubborn, ...

but perhaps too much in the water causing lockup problems and other things out of balance
then water changes (may not change much), but would as a minimum rule out this issue.

getting a general fertilizer is an idea, ...
but then it only moves back a few steps into where i was initially concerned, the colors were pale, but ... it's was a concern about what to do, but not a pressing issue as it is now.
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Reference Team
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too much magnesium can stop plants from taking up other nutrients.
many of the elements need for plants are contained in tap water as well as the substrate.replenishing tap water,having a co2 source,either from the fish,liquid or pressurized and dosing ferts will replenish the nutrients that are necessary for the system. they problem you are having is because your system is said that your bulbs are old,perhaps it is time for new ones.i would try less,1-2 bulbs first and go from seems to me you are using a lot of t5hos on a 29. are you using pressurized or diy co2?

bettas-goldfish-shrimp-snails-planted tanks
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