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Wisteria ??'s

This is a discussion on Wisteria ??'s within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by fibertech I see you took KH readings but no GH or Phosphate. If your KH is that high your GH is ...

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Originally Posted by fibertech View Post
I see you took KH readings but no GH or Phosphate. If your KH is that high your GH is going to probably be double meaning you have hard water. Your nitrates are pretty low for a planted tank. I looked at a bottle of the stuff you are using a few weeks ago when I was at PetSmart and saw that is doesn't have what is needed.
I also don't like to dose mixtures of ferts. a little reading and you will probably want to go a dry route where you can dose individual elements.
I would caution on using individual nutrients. Plants require specific amounts of various macro- and micro-nutrients, and some of these should not be in excess. On another forum an aquarist was having problems with iron deficiency, and the cause came down to overdosing with potassium (I think that was the nutrient, going from memory here) that was said to have affected the plant's ability to absorb iron. I'm not a botanist and would prefer not risking what I don't completely understand, instead sticking to a good prepared mixture like Flourish Comprehensive or the Kent that is more reliable and considerably less expensive in the long term.
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Byron, your memory is good. That aquarist who was overdosing potassium was me!
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Hye guys, pics will be up tonight for what I mentioned earlier, sorry as I got distracted. Parents brought home a 72g for a reef tank, and I had to help set it up (which was no big deal, haha, i rather enjoyed it)

And wow, thats crazy you remembered that Byron haha.
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Cool. We love pics

Did you set up a separate build thread on the 72gl?
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Me too

And sure did

72g Reef Build Thread
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OK, so here are the base pics of the wisteria and java fern after about 1.5 to 2 weeks unfertilized.

I took one leaf of the java from my 16g to put into my nano planted, plus its easier to see the growth of it. Theres been a total of about 7 or 8 inches of new root growth from all the leaves

In my nano, also about a weeks worth of growth for my anacharis in the BG:

In my 16g (sorry its blurry and small, future will be bigger.):

The Wisteria:

You can notice the new bright green growth still in this pic of the wisteria... adding The weekly dose of Leaf Zone now.. updates next week.
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OK, so, the old LFS I used to use mis-labeled the plant. It's not wisteria, however, is a Microsorum pteropus, AKA a Lace Java Fern. I need to uncovor the rhizome, and this is also why the leaves are turning brown, as its covered, and ferns need to not be covered.
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