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What should I go with? Lighting...

This is a discussion on What should I go with? Lighting... within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by WisFish The roots of the crypts melted as well. I could see the runners along the glass melt away. Origianlly I ...

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What should I go with? Lighting...
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Originally Posted by WisFish View Post
The roots of the crypts melted as well. I could see the runners along the glass melt away. Origianlly I thought it could have been the ferts that were cauisng the melt down. But all the crypts in the "shade" survived. Over time, as I trim plants and the crypts become exposed, they are slowly melting away. Too bad. I really liked the dark grren and red contrasts.
I went back to my info from Ms. Randall, and I note that she mentions stability as the significant need for crypts. Increased lighting and CO2 usually cause the crypts to melt, but they will recover (she says) in several months; the longest was two years before new leaves came from the rootstock. She makes no mention of the rootstock actually melting. She also notes that a heavy load of organics will cause the meltdown; with excellent water quality, the plants may (note, may) weather a sudden change in lighting with only a few lost leaves, but in poorer (organic-laden) water the entire stand will melt. Consistent water qualtiy is essential.

Your experience certainly leads me to think it was the light change (the shade area plants survived). Did you dig up the "roots" or have you left any; if it takes several months [I know that after my first ph disaster when the tap water went from below 6 to 7 and they melted, it was months before new leaves appeared, and only on some. I still have the last of those plants, and that occurred 9 years ago.

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Unfortunately, with an undergravel filter system, I had to vacuum the gravel which I'm sure removed any roots that may have remained. Eventually, I'll be removing the UGF but it's been in the tank for 18 years. I really don't want to start over. I just moved on to different plants. You can see the last of the crypts to the far right front in my aquarium pics. It's been over a year since I increased my lighting. And still to this day, whenever any of the remaining crypts get too much light because of me over trimming the plants above them, they melt away.
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That is a very beautiful aquarim, very well done all around. Truly.

It seems odd about the crypts, but I can only conjecture that the difference in light between your trimming the other plants must be significant for the crypts. They are sensitive to all sorts of things. I have had mine melt a few times for reasons I couldn't even figure out. Major shifts in pH (accidental) or hardness, or temperature I can understand. The UG filter might have a bearing, but that's just a guess.

Another suggestion would be to put some root fertilizer tabs or sticks next to the crypts; they are heavy root feders that (according to Ms. Randall) require a rich substrate.

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