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What plants work best?

I have fairly bare tanks and im hoping to decorate it nicely. I have a 20 or 25 gallon not quite sure about the size with lighting and a few short plastic plants, housing two angelfish 2 pearl gouramis, one gold gourami and a kribensis. I want to add plants that will not pollute the water, comtribute to algae growth nor be eaten by my fish. I also have a small tank a little over 5 gallons without light with a gold gourami 2 ghost shrimp and three black phantom tetras.

I think the small tank is a bit too crowded to put plants in, any suggestions and if possible what plants are fine without lighting?

If I were to add plants into my larger tank how much gravel would be needed and what is your opinion on sand bottoms? My tanks are not heated and stand at room temperture but my fish are fine and been healthy for over a year.

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If you want plants you need two things. Eco-Complete substrate (gravel) and CO2 system. Mine was only 20 bucks and comes with stabilizer and activator packets. Otherwise your plants will not grow or even survive.

Plants will not pollute the water unless you let them die and not take out the leaves decaying. Either still attached or floating around.

Plants also compete with algae with food, so no plant really creates algae blooms.

You got to worry about snails eating your plants. Fish, some will uproot the plants.
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If you want plants you need two things. Eco-Complete substrate (gravel) and CO2 system. Mine was only 20 bucks and comes with stabilizer and activator packets. Otherwise your plants will not grow or even survive.
Not really true. Eco-Complete is a good substrate for plants and indeed the best but plants grow really well in pea sized gravel. I think this is the second best thing and is cheaper and IMHO looks better. Most people use gravel and have great results with plants. I wouldn't worry about using gravel - the plants will be fine.

You need maybe 2" gravel at the bottom of the tank for the plants to take root.

Sand is OK for plants too. You have to stri it up regularly to make sure it doesn't compact however.

CO2 is only required if you have a lot of light. Low light plants, with low light son't need CO2.
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I have to agree with Felina. I have plants ina ll of my tanks and it is actually a mix of LFS gravel and smaller river run gravel. I can get them to grow extremely fats and never have them rot in the tank.

Wisteria, hornwort, anacharis/elodea and anubias are good plants for using up excess nutrients and helping to prevent algae.
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That 5 gallon tank is way overcrowded. :(

If you have a fine gravel or sand substrate and hard water, vals are really nice, especially for Angelfish. They like the strong verticals.

Wisteria is excellent when the light is limited. So is Cryptcoryne wendtii (and it comes in a nice bronze form that will let you get color not normally available in a low light tank.)

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