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What plants are these ? And what do you think of my planted tank

So Today I went to a Pet Land which is sorta a chain pet store like petsmart but way better when it comes to fish and plants..

I got a lot of plants from them, Like Red nesaea, and one called a Farcata Cambomba.. Or a Red Cambomba... I also got a very large and very beautiful Wisteria for only $5 !! I also snatched up some other plant.. Its very lush and full and about 20 inches tall.. It almost looks like a wisteria but it isn't..

Here is a pic.. What is this thing ?? In the first pic its the big plant in the middle.. The one on the right is the wisteria

And how do you guys like my newely setup 55g ? I got it a week ago, and I set it up 2-3 days ago with that driftwood.. but I just now planted it .. I have like 3-4 amazon sword plants in the back in the middle.. I have the Red Cambomba in the left back corner (it was green in the store so well see in time) I have some java fern on the white pillars in the middle, and I have smaller wisteria next to them.. I have the red neseae by the coral rock, and a moneywart on the right front.. With the giant wisteria on the right back corner and that unknown plant next to it waving in the water from my power heads current.

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Nice tank. I thought it was Wisteria

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it might be river buttercup/ ranunculus inundatus. looks like the picture in my aquarium plants book
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Nice driftwood. Is that real coral? If so, won't that affect the water chemistry?

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Nice tank! Great plants! It's gonna be fantastic once all the plants start filling out!
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Nice wood!
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Originally Posted by KPainter View Post
Nice driftwood. Is that real coral? If so, won't that affect the water chemistry?
It is real coral and it does affect ph. The ph is 7.4-7.6 right now. The wood should be lowering it but i put the coral in which ive had for years to balence it out i dont want my ph too low.. I might take it out i dunno yet

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i like your tank yo
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