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What plant would look good?

I want a good plant to overrun my tank, u guys know that look right? The bottom of the tank is covered like grass. I want my 55 to be like that. I currently have 80 watts in a 55 gallon tank. What kind of plant would grow like that under these settings? Would I need stronger light if I wanted something like micro-sword grass?
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Dwarf hair grass

I have something called dwarf hair grass that grows along the bottom just like grass. Very easy its in two different tanks one that gets a lot of light and one that gets less light and does great in both. I looked all over my LFS for something like this but ended up finding this at wal-mart. My Swordtails love to scratch themselves with it.
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You are probably going to have trouble growing a thick grassy carpet with that sort of light. Hairgrass would probable be your best best, I don't think microsword would grow. A few really good lower light plants are anubias, java fern, java moss, and any sort of crypt. Vals can also do well although I have had trouble with them in lower light. The above plants I mentioned come in many varieties and can look BEAUTIFUL in a tank. If you want a shorter grassy look you could try pygmy chain sword, I have had good luck with that in a lower light tank.
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