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What kind of substrate do i need???

This is a discussion on What kind of substrate do i need??? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> By the way, I think your filter is fine with the size of the tank. I do not think it overpowers the tank because ...

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What kind of substrate do i need???
Old 07-24-2010, 10:21 AM   #11
By the way, I think your filter is fine with the size of the tank. I do not think it overpowers the tank because I have used canister filters that are twice the size of my tanks and they worked better that way.
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Nicknac44 (07-28-2010)
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Ok sry its been so long since i posted but ive been on vaction for the last few days!!! Anyways...the filter doesn't have a check valve or a flow monitor so i think ill just have to try my luck.

Now on to lights. It is a T8 bulb. It only puts out 18w so im thinking i need to get a stronger light fixture. Or do you guys think i can make it with just that...I'm a little skeptical! (Not that I have all that much experience ).....Anyway some help you be great.

As for substrate im super happy with the Eco-Complete. I'm adding it to the tank in a few days when i get some time and hopefully be ready to order some plants by next week. From what i've read its about as good as anything on the market and from what i can get off the back its the right stuff!!

So thanks for all your help and if you have any suggestions on plants or fish im all ears!!! (But i am getting a few Boesemani Rainbows for sure!)

Thanks alot everyone!!!!
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Old 07-28-2010, 11:40 PM   #13
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On the light, you have a 30g; the tube over it now is 18w. What are the tank dimensions? And what is the length of the tube?
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Old 07-29-2010, 02:16 PM   #14
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Byron, it's a 24" tube :)

As far as the 2wpg rule, throw it out the window. It's a more inaccurate than the inch per gallon rule, which is pretty far of too.

The only real thing we can use is 'lumens' which is a measure of light output, not wattage.

Maybe one day bulb manufacturers will list PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) but right now, they don't.

For low tech, (natural) that bulb should be fine.

Back when planted aquariums and flourescent lighting first met, there was only one kind of flourescent bulb, available in one spectrum (basically 'cool white') It was not nearly as powerful as the flourescent tubes available now, so you had to use 2-3 watts per gallon for good growth.

As technology progressed, the flourescent bulbs became more effecient by leaps and bounds, and then they developed a slew of new types- T8, HO, VHO, and more spectrums and light blends than you can count.

For example, I use CFLs (spiral bulbs), so even the smallest one (10W) is on the average-high side for my 10 gallon, I have two just so the light is even. It's definately high-light, but since I don't fertilise, I added a bunch of floating plants to filter the light.

Also, asking the best substrate is almost like asking "What's the best brand of car?" or "What's the best color to paint my house?"

As was mentioned, many people here use different substrates. Personally, I use soil, but I'll definately admit it has it's drawbacks. It's just a matter of preference.

Do make sure you get flourish comprehensive for that tank.
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