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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Atticus: What type of lighting do you have and are you using ferts??

What I've understood from the prior posts by others is that java moss does not like ferts or high lighting. I don't think it's the amount of *time* the lights are left on but rather the *strength* (or rating) of the lights. I gather that java moss is a plant with little to no requirements in order to thrive and obtain good growth? Is that correct, guys??

correct, a 20watt light kept on for 10 hours does not equal a 40 watt light kept on for 5 hours
and IMO java moss is one of the easiest plants to tend for.. i literally throw it in my tank and forget about it. i do however dose ferts, its some iron enriched plant supplement in a liquid form. its not dosed just for the moss but rather all the other plants in the tank
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wait, why is excel bad for java moss? I thought excel was just a carbon alternative for those who don't want CO2 injections... Also i keep my light on for 10 and my javamoss is fine. Javamoss is a really hardy plant. I grew mine originally in a jar... Just put a bit of moss in there with aquarium water and i came back a week and a half later and it had almost doubled in size.
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Java moss tends to be an all or nothing plant. The worst things to have seem to be really soft water with lots of copper. My tap water has both and I can't keep Java moss alive.

As for lighting levels, can't have too much from me what I have seen in other tank's on here. I have seen it grown in tanks with as little as 0.5wpg all the way up to 5 wpg. In the 5 wpg the owner dosed tons of ferts and he literally had a pint sized baggy to give away every week.

One think I have found with java moss form other one here is it take sit a while to acclimate sometimes. Once it does it usually takes off and will grow fine in most situations.
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Java Moss from what I've been reading need little to no light and hates soft water. Heres a link to an article on it. you can also google it

It would make a cheap yet high maintenance grass in the right conditions. I just ordered some to create a back drop in my swordtail tank.

java moss


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The article you attached states that Java Moss thrives on stagnant water and loves nitrites. No wonder I couldn't grow it

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