What is it.
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What is it.

This is a discussion on What is it. within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> As much as i'd like to brag that i know what it is i do not. It looks the same in all my tanks, ...

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What is it.

As much as i'd like to brag that i know what it is i do not.
It looks the same in all my tanks, be it high tech or low tech, good light and fert or bad light and fert.
Not the riccia, the green with brown one.
Someone said echinodorus tenellus but it does not look even remotely like it or does it? Never seen echi look like this, they are green not green with brown...

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Looks like Echinodorus tenellus to me. The other similar plant I can think of is Sagittaria subulata but it grows taller than E. tenellus under the same conditions (light, fertilization). I have both in my 90g flooded Amazon aquarium if you want to look at the photos. The flooded Amazon 90g, not the former 90g. Along the left front the smaller plants are E. tenellus and the taller (about twice the height) are S. subulata.

Re the brown leaves, that is a nutrient issue. If you click the species name and go to our profile of this species and enlarge the photo you'll see similar.

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Looks just like the E. tenellus in my tanks and yes I had also found they grow/ thrive in a wideeeee verity of conditions.
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