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Water Wisteria

This is a discussion on Water Wisteria within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> All I know is if you use those tabs I would bury them very well and make sure not disturb the location you have ...

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All I know is if you use those tabs I would bury them very well and make sure not disturb the location you have put them for at least a couple week. I have never used anything but a basic iron tab, no NO3 and no PO4 so I am not the best to advise there.

The Leafzone should be fine dosed according to the label.
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well, I guess I'll give it a try...It says you can put them in whole or crushed up. It says 1 tab for every 5 gallons of water every 10 days. That seems a lot to me. I'm going to only use half the amount it says seeing I only have 3 bunches of wisteria. Could you recommend another plant that is easy to care for to add in?
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Javan moss, Javan fern, Elodea densa, Hornwort, Anubias and Vallisnerias. I've tried Cryptocoryne becketii. I have 2 of those and have been thriving for almost 5 years. They prefer subdued light so you may have to locate those under shaded areas.
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I agreew with Blue, ;) and would add anacharis and most Hygrophyla polysperma species. But I will add that my crypts are very much in direct light, Becketti, Wendtii and Lucens and they love it. I also have an Anubias nana in direct light although it does get a little more algae this way it grows rather quickly. I have had it for about 3 months I think and it has tripled in size, put out 3 rhizome splits and has massive amounts of leaves. I have to work to get it and keep everything as algae free as possible but they do love it. My Crypt Red Wendtii was cut back to almost noting not 6 weeks ago and it is absolutely huge right now. Could probably split it into 20 plants. Crypts also love plant tabs and I use them under all 3 of them.
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Originally Posted by fish_4_all
I agreew with Blue, ;)

Must admit I used Sera Florenette which are fertilizer tablets. I would surely go back to using ferts although at the moment, it is not necessary as my plants still thrive without ferts.

By the way, I have this Anubias nana and it didn't grow well in the driftwood so I planted it to the substrate and it grew so well. I always thought that plant would never grow well in substrates as others stated. And then there was the Nymphaea stellata growing at a fast rate even if I still haven't finished with the CO2 system.

Ohhh...Must be my lucky day. This is one of the good tidings I consider during my comeback to the hobby. I have bad tidings with tetras which died last July, thanks to temperature fluctuations.
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