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This is a discussion on Want to Turn Planted within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> So the grass is a no go? 2 x 18" 20 watt "life-glo 2" 6700K on a 48" 50g is low light level?...

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So the grass is a no go? 2 x 18" 20 watt "life-glo 2" 6700K on a 48" 50g is low light level?
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I'll have to defer to someone with more experience with the microsword, I have only had mine about a month! I did read some posts on another forum indicating it grows well in the shade of larger swords, so bright light might just be optimal, not critical?
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I'm with DKRST. I've no practical experience with the "grass" type substrate plants, as the concensus among plant authors is that they generally do need higher light [which is more than I am willing to put over my tanks for the sake of the fish] so I don't bother trying them. But some time back one of our members I believe had reasonable luck with Hairgrass or something with less light. Such plants where I live would cost around $10-12 and I'm not prone to spend that much for something that will quite likely die off. If it did survive, growth would probably be much slower with less light.
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If you want a grass-type plant, go with dwarf sag. I've tried chain swords and hairgrass, and both died slow painful deaths, while the dwarf sag is has been growing well for several years. Most of that time I wasn't even using fertilisation, and I have never used CO2.

In bright light it remains short (blades are about an inch to an inch and a half, but they lay down), and in a darker spot it will grow taller, up to 7-8 inches. May sound like a nuisance, but can lead to some creative aquascaping when it spreads to and fills a shaded area in your tank.
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Ok thanks alot guys! i think i have enough to get me going first is the light though i will let you know of my success of failure as it happens :)
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