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The light spectrum affects the color of the light I guess you could say. But you'd want "Daylight" bulbs which tend to be 6500-6700K. The difference between 65-6700K is minimal. I'd also run the lights 10 hours a day. Unfortunately, once the leaves turn yellow or transparent, it's too late for those leaves. But new one should grow back if the problem was simply an iron deficiency and you add more iron. I'm confused that the temperature varies so much. My tank is at 78. Could you provide a picture of the tank with the light on?

Heres' what you'd want: Ace - Ace Tree: Electrical: Light Bulbs: Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: GEŽ Daylight CFL Bulb (89091)
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HE is the light bulb guy helped me figure out what i needed lol
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Actually for a 10 gal tank I'm not sure if you'd want two 10watt bulbs or two of something greater. The 10 watt bulbs probably would be plenty. But the Kelvin range is definitely what you want to focus on.
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it's all about watts and duration you need at least 23 watts and at least a 10 hour duration for that plant to turn around 6700k is prefferable but if it's not putting out the luminens it doesn't matter what color it is

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I reduced the time to 6 hours because im having an algae problem in my tank (dust algae and green spot algae) i think its due to me getting carried away with my new ferts

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So should I worry about lumens then? Is 30 watts ok? 6700k Is ideal right?

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Fert tabs are great for amazons. I never had a problem with low light and amazons. Fert tabs by Aquarium plants .com are great they darkened and thickened my amazons up.Iron is also helpful to them.
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now im hearing alot of memebers telling me to get rid of the amazon sword because ultimately, it will get too big for my 10 gallon tank. SHould I take the amazon sword out? if I do, wouldnt the roots just make a mess as i take it out?

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I just remembered that most farms grow amazons out of water and when you put them in water they will shed hydroponicly grown leafs. Keep trimming the yellowed wilty leafs off and you'll end up with a good plant. I'd keep it for a while. I have 2 in a low light tank w/ soft acidic water they're GOOD plants and not growing too fast due to the light, but they have root tabs.
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I wish I could get mine to grow that big. I have 4 in my 55gal tank and they just don't seem to get that big. I'd wait to see if it becomes a problem. If they do get that big, you'll get that much more in credit from the LFS when you trade it/them in.
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