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I would recommend looking into a good solenoid valve and a PH monitor for you CO2 tank,not to mention a good bubble counter and diffuser.Skimping on some of those things will cost you more in the end with headaches and losing optimal performance.You don't want your fish killed form CO2 overdoes.There are color changing reagents that you can use for simple CO2 monitoring but you have to change them out every once and a while to get an accurate reading.As stated before you can achieve similar results in a low tech tank with proper substrate and fertilizers,I am even still a fan of old fashioned yeast\sugar CO2 setups but a, not running any right now...I still have my corked wine bottles though
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@aokashi - Well he's pretty far away, at least where I live, and I agree that ADA is pretty expensive, it's actually purposely overpriced because of brand name, but not only brand name, their stuff is in fact really nice, good architecture design and engineering work, I still know they overprice it still, simply because if you look at ADA soil.... it's ridiculous. They still have the prices like that because people still buy the stuff, it's like money for going to really good colleges. They put the price like that because people are willing to pay for it. Also, what does "HM" and "HC" stand for? Are they a plant?

Nice, nice. Hahaha, I actually don't know what kind of plants are Buces and Erios......

This is one of those moments whether I feel really brave or really stupid for trying Co2 - how you put it that way

@Chesh - I never said you did say it was rocket science, Ohhhhh, yeah other things to read up on.

What's a JIC? Hahaha, that's the same exact thing I want, a really long life for this hobby, I'll feel like I'll never accomplish everything I want. 100 years old is nothing!

I want my tank to "GROW!!" too - I just have to have patience.....
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So many options to go with and no real "right" way as long as you have your patience and do some research you will get the tank you have been wanting.I am getting ready to setup a nice ADA tank myself, I am making a shrimp college,best education at the ADA University
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@badxgillen - Alright, so in order from most important to least important, from what you said, and here they are:

- Dual stage regulator
- High end needle valve
- PH monitor
- Good bubble counter
- Good Diffuser
Wouldn't a drop checker be sufficient as a PH indicator, if you put PH indicator in with addition to the 4dKH solution?

I also found this sweet link to dosing for dry ferts:
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If you can afford it, go for it :) nothing stupid about it ^_^ be brave! It'll be a fun process and you'll watch your plants grow!

I do recommend to skip the usual plants and research what you want you tank to look like first ie, iwagumi style? dutch style? And then...(!)... look up the substrate and the hardscape, wood, stones as well as the colors you want from your plants.
and thennnn find plants that will work in your scape :)

CO2 is a great tool in helping you achieve your dream scape and grow those plants that need a little more than what the average low light tank can provide :)

Once you get the CO2 running, and plants growing, watch out for collectoritis! lol!

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@aokashi - Alrighty, so I'm brave doing it, sweet!

Hmmm, that's funny, I didn't actually look at any styles, I just thought of one my self and went with it, and just chose the plants that looked nice, haha

I've seen people that have Co2 set up, like Youtube, and of course ADA, and the plants thrive, so I just NEEDED it.

Hmmm, what is collectoritis, I feel embarrassed asking that

Another thing, I've been like REALLY busy with another forum, in which I'm doing a massive undertaking for finding plants that'll survive in a cichlid tank, like African cichlid tank.

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