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From These Plants, Which Would Be Best With Cichlids?

This is a discussion on From These Plants, Which Would Be Best With Cichlids? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Evolution is a beast. That's pretty interesting how those lakes have high salt content as well. It's a good thing you're in this thread ...

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From These Plants, Which Would Be Best With Cichlids?
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Evolution is a beast. That's pretty interesting how those lakes have high salt content as well. It's a good thing you're in this thread and know about your African cichlid stuff!

Hmmm, well I was wondering if I even need the NLS pellets because their protein comes from the frozen blood worms and krill. And I have plenty of pellets and flakes that I'm sure are meat based. All I would need is the herbivore pellets and vegetables. Now the vegetable part is a bit more complex, what other vegetables could I use in addition to the zucchini, and could they eat fruits as well? If they can, what fruits? I know, I know, so many question, I need all the help I can get

You don't need to go into detail about the environment for African cichlids and stuff like that, we're talking about plants.....and I kept reading, and you didn't narrow down my gigantic list of plants
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I didnt narrow down your list of plants because its all a gamble. The water like i said isnt really what most plant thrive in( which is why where theyre from barely has any plants if at all. Plus they arent a big fan of plants. So whatever you decide to put in their dont get attatched as most will not make it. I dont want to list out plants other then the short list i did. And they really want to dig in the sand.. They even destroy fake plants.

Actually NLS cichlid pellets has krill , fish, seaweed, algae , garlic,beta carotene, spirulina, alfalfa, mollusk , vegetables and then a ton of other stuff. It actually fine for mbuna . Really good stuff. I also sometimes feed this frozen stuff usually for salt water fish called emerald buffet.. It has lots of good veggie based stuff in it and they go crazy for it. Also herbivore pellets. That's almost only found online . Carrots are good. Seaweed is too. I find if you don't blanch the zucchini it actually reduces the aggression. They'll chase a fish they want to fight then pass zucchini and attack it with a vengeance instead. They really are the hungriest fish I've ever owned and I have TONS of fish and many different tanks.
Don't feed blood worms to them. That'll cause Malawi bloat. But occasional brine shrimp , mysis shrimp or prawn is fine.
I just explained their environment so you know why they need what they do. They're more of a specialized fish to keep then many others. It's funny though , lots of African keepers add the salt without knowing the real reason . Then start claiming it's for fin damage from fighting( dont worry! Fighting is normal) which then could be considered controversial.. But that's totally wrong. Super clean water is all you need for fin damage. You'll need a QT tank for them as a "timeout" tank if any one becomes overly belligerent .

I find their huge attitude hilarious. Sometime I fake them out and hold a handful of food above the water for a little longer then they like and on many occasions both my dominant and subdominant male have flicked their finds sending a nice amount of tank water into my face lol.

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Squatchmen (12-02-2013)
Old 12-02-2013, 06:22 PM   #13
Well can maybe narrow down at least a couple of the best candidates, that would help a lot. Not to be a jerk, but I feel like the only two things I got away with from this conversion was me jotting down some overlapping plants from the main list to kind of "pseudo-confirm" them or at least half ass confirm them, and you giving me the helpful info on the fish food.

And just to remind myself, get herbivore pellets and other plants such as carrots, seaweed, zucchini. Hmmm, well I'll go look around the interns for other plants they can eat if there's any but that's sufficient for now because it's not an emergency and off topic from the thread title.

Hahaha, that's pretty funny how you fake them out. I love my South American cichlids, they're really something too!

And now, time for more plant jotting

- Aponogeton
- Lilaeopsis
- Microsorum
- Limnobium
- Hygrophila
- Elodea (?)
- Alternathera
- Ammania
- Gratiola
- Hydrocotyle
- Ludwigia
- Micranthemum
- Nuphar

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