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Yepp, I do know not to bury the rhizome. Will be careful not to do that. I'll probably tie it to a little rock anyways.

The rotala is 'Rotala macrandra'.. it is red. I'm not sure how bright my light is considered. It's got the same type of light that my 28gal came with, a 15watt, 18" t8. I replaced the stock bulb with a 6500k bulb. The tank is only like 9" tall I believe.. so I would think it'd be at least considered medium lighting.
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never heard if the rolata macrandra but it looks pretty!
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It does! I hope it stays that way lol. I was reading online that Red Rotala is one of the easiest red plants to maintain, but I'm not sure I got the correct Red Rotala. I'd be happy if it kept even a slight pink or orange hue to it. Can't wait to see it in person to decide what I want to do with it. I'm entirely too impatient for planted tanks lol
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Holy cow.. so I ordered some java fern online. I figured the plants would be like 5-7" tall.. negative, these things are huge. I knew that java got this big, but I figured I would plant it small, it'd grow slow and I could just break off leaves that got too large. I'm not sure I like it. I guess it'll probably look better when it's growing new leaves and my bacopa fills in the rest of the background....?

I tied the rhizomes to a piece of small plastic pipe and stuck the pipe into the sand a bit... should this work?

I love the length of this tank, but 7" of width is tough to work with!

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