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Sufficient lighting?

This is a discussion on Sufficient lighting? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Nothing strikes me as serious now, but down the road I believe things will be. Please accept my comments as constructive suggestions for preventing ...

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Nothing strikes me as serious now, but down the road I believe things will be. Please accept my comments as constructive suggestions for preventing catastrophe, not as derogatory.

Tiger barbs, should never be combined with some of the other fish, and must be in groups. While they may be "friendly" now, that could be due to their stress at being moved and in a new setup. Once they settle, their truer nature may exhibit itself, and even if they don't actually attack others, their presence is recognized as that of a "bully" by the tetras and others, and that means stress for them. I would see if the local fish store will take them, either outright or in exchange/credit. It would be better for them and the others.

The loaches are social fish that should be in groups, minimum three. Botia kubotai, I assume this is the polkadot loach, is highly social, perhaps moreso than any other loach species. I have three of these, and I have never seen such interaction among fish, all day long. They need to be in groups, but as they attain 5 inches, that is a concern in a 55g; my three are in a 70g and will be the only loaches (except for my quintet of dwarf loaches).

Botia almorhae, the yo-yo, is similar, but attains 6 inches. Must be in a group; they have a social structure so some "aggression" is normal, but not a problem. But with the kubotai, I would not have both species in a 55g.

There are a lot of pleco-type fish, but one would worry me, the gold spot that can reach 12 inches. In my view, he should be re-homed.

The rainbows are shoaling fish that should be in a group of five minimum. They attain 3 to 3.5 inches, and have water parameter preferences a bit higher (alkaline) than the tetras and catfish/loaches.

I do like your tank, with more plants that is going to be very nice indeed. I hope I have been of some help.
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I understand the rescue issue there and I'd have done the same. But you may want to keep an eye out for a cheap used tank and re-work the set up in the 55g like Byron also suggested.

Alternatively the one's you have very small numbers of maybe you can trade these in to get other fish and stock up the group sizes?

Here's my thoughts from my experiences going down your list
1) Tetra's & Khuli's I'd set up 1 tank for them (maybe like a 45g to have room to play around with your stock there)

2 tiger barbs.( Rescued) > Return to LFS in exchange for another fish; don't house with the calm Tetra's
2 Khuli loaches (rescued) > Up group size and set them up in a sand tank

2 Boeseman's Rainbow > I had a group of 12 them before and long term to only have 2 and that vs the Harlequins will not end well IMO; I'd rehouse the Harlequins to the "tetra tank" and up their group size to like 8 at least; or since you only have 2 give them back in exchange for something else to the LFS

2 cherry barbs same issue here then the Tigers that group is wee too small gotta be at least 6-8 of them.

In the end I'd really try to make a decision on the Tiger & Cherry Barbs and Rainbow's there on who'll stay/ go and who's gonna get a proper school size added and then like I said keep eye out for a used 2nd tank and split that group up.
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Thanks for the help folks.

My plan with buying the rainbows was to add more later to turn it into a rainbow tank. I have a small 2ft tank in the garage that I could use to rehome the tetras and Khulis.

Unfortunately I was given some bad advice when I bought my first tank. The Loaches have been in there for nearly 3 years now and like you say I can't add to their numbers, unfortunately they'll have to make the best of it. They get on really well tho.

The Goldspot I actualy took in a year ago from a neighbour who had it in a 2ft tank for 6 years so he's not likely to grow any more I wouldn't think. i can rehome all the barbs quite easily so I'll probably do that then add to the Rainbow school.

Would I have any problems adding new ones with my existing 2? The 2 I have now are only about an inch long.
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Tiger barbs are rehomed in a barb only tank that guy not far from me has. I have to say that although the tetras looked quite happy swimming aroung before they are definately much more lively now so thank you very much for the good advice.

I've ordered the plants, should be here sometime early next week so no doubt I'll be back on here asking advice on the best way to arrange them for lighting conditions etc.

Could I get some advice on the best way to increase my Rainbow numbers? Will it be ok to add more later, in a few months or so? Will they have to be a similar size?
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So the barbs are all gone and the Tetra & Loaches have their own home now?
So if I followed this through correctly then this is the list of what's left in the 200 ltr tank now
6 Pepper corys, yoyo loach, polkadot loach, adult goldsot plec, juvenile BN plec, Bulldog plec,1 huge fat Molly, Panda garra sp? 2 Boeseman's Rainbow

So really its stuffed very full with bottom dwellers now any ideas to split these up/ give away?
The Rainbow's from my exp you can add any time but you're far better up to add eg. 5-6 at one given time rather then 1 now 1 next week and so on. Also it'd try best you can to get some that are as close in size as the one's you have already so you don't wind up with juveniles vs adults and then fighting due to that.
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The tetras etc are still in the tank, My old 20g has a crack in the glass, one of my kids had been keeping earth worms and stones in it!!

The Gold spot and the Garra can be re-homed without too much problem. Would leaving the tetras in the tank and still adding 3 more Rainbows be ok if the Plec was removed?

Also will liquid ferts be ok with all these plants or will I neet to put solid ferts in too?

Echinodorus Tennellus
Hygrophilia Polysperma
Red Ludwigia
Ambulia Aquatica
Bacopa Monniera
Red Ivy
Diplis Diandra
Vallis Torta
Elodea Densa
Bacopa Caroliniana
Pygmy Chain Sword
Cabomba Aquatica
Vallis Corkscrew sml
Sagittaria Subulta

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I have not personally kept rainbows, but from my reading I can't see a problem with compatibility; if the water is slightly acidic to slightly basic (pH 6.5 to 7.4) rainbows and the tetras and corys should be OK. And 3 more to make 5 total would be nice in a 55g.

On the ferts for the listed plants, liquid will be sufficient. A good comprehensive is important, I can recommend Seachem's Flourish Comprehensive, Kent Freshwater Plant, and Nutrafin's Plant-Gro. The first two are the best of the three in my experience. Once a week, or possibly twice (depends upon the number of plants, number of fish, and minerals in the tap water). The only plants that really benefit from substrate fertilizers are the larger swords (Echinodorus); crypts will also be a bit thicker, but I have grown several Cryptocoryne species for many years with no substrate additives.

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Thanks for all the help you've all given. You've got a helpful friendly community here.
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