Subwassertang.. carpet?
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Subwassertang.. carpet?

This is a discussion on Subwassertang.. carpet? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Let me first show you a picture of my tank so my explanation might make more sense... This is an old picture, but still ...

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Subwassertang.. carpet?
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Subwassertang.. carpet?

Let me first show you a picture of my tank so my explanation might make more sense...

This is an old picture, but still the same concept.

I attached java moss to the rocks with louffa (sp?) and not only did I get pretty slow growth in this tank, the java rocks are all collecting a ridiculous amount of waste in the tank. My water consistently looked dirty and even if I would gravel vac around the rocks every other day they'd still look dusty and gross.. I was curious if the problem would go away if I got rid of the rocks and tah-dah, my water cleared up overnight. So, no more java moss on rocks.

I bought some subwassertang to try out instead. I'm trying to get a bushy look around the bottom of my driftwood and thought this might do the job. I just don't know how to plant it. I'm not sure I want to use the same method as I did with the java moss.. I do have some plastic mesh from the craft section and I'm wondering if I can just tie it down to the plastic mesh? Usually I see people putting moss and other similar plants in between two pieces of mesh and tying the mesh together - is this necessary?

Or does anyone have any other ideas? I don't know if just sticking it into the substrate a bit would work.
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