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post #11 of 15 Old 03-08-2007, 12:51 PM
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I use ADA's Amazonia, this stuff is amazing !

I had a great deal of trouble getting plants to be healthy and grow, then I changed out my substrate for this stuff :

give it a try,

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is it ok to have a base of small gravel then a layer of sand ... i want to have fresh water gobbies
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I've got flourite mixed with regular aquarium gravel (5-7 mm spectrastone) in 3 of my tanks. Seems to work all right, but I haven't had much luck with grass type plants - hairgrass or sag, and I have a hell of a time getting hygro to root (but once it does it stays rooted.)

The trick with fuorite is to get a big old wash tub or 25 gallon storage container and rinse the suffering f____ out of it. I rinsed it until I could see the fuorite in the bottom when the container was full. The rinse water was still cloudy as all get out, but putting it under a layer of gravel in the tank before filling and then filling slowly kept me from getting a cloudy tank.

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I used a kitchen colander. Filled it 1/2 way with Flourite and then blasted the heck out of it with a sprayer attachment on the garden hose. Put a tray underneath to catch all the little pieces that fell through. Went to WalMart the next day and bought a new colander :)
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I am just starting a new tank and it will be a well planted one... From the aquarium store I bought a special type of gravel at the bottom that is rich with nutrients. It is a little pricey so I mixed it with another finely ground gravel.. Make sure to rinse it VERY WELL if you get it because for a couple of days my tank was very cloudy... luckily there was nothing living in there..
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