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Would you go to a grocery store and expect the sales clerk to tell you what spice would go best with your chili? If you want specific information like that you would go to a little spice shop or something similar. My point is that petco sales people have to know fish, dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, ect. Even the section manager (if you lucky enough to come in when thier there) probably has more on his plate then just maintaining up-to-date knowledge about aquariums. In my personal opinion this is why you should support independent fish stores. If you want to keep specialized stores with specilized knowledge in business, go there.

I work for a small independent store, so I'm biased But it is important to realize that everytime you spend money you are supporting that business for the future. If you get everything at walmart then that is going to be your only choice in the future. Just food for thought :)
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I OWNED an independent fish shop for over 30 years so I understand your point. But all I am saying is that YOU have do do outside research on your own prior to an purchase for best results. YOU have to be informed and know what you are doing if it is going to work well.
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I agree .When looking for plants it is wise to do your homework. Many of these stores don't grow aquarium plants nor do they know all the time what they are offering. They order from a supplier and that supplier may or may not know any more than your barber or beautician . I find it interesting to google different sites seeking info on plants OR fish for that matter. Many stores will steer you wrong on fish as well. Some out of ignorance, others on purpose. They are in the buisness to SELL and the majority of folks when losing plants or fish, simply go back and buy more which is what they want. It is in my view always cheaper to do a little research before buying on impulse. On a related subject those who have expierimented with various plants in the aquarium can often times offer more wisdom than any website or book. This goes for those who have raised fish for a number of years as well. I have met more than a few college educated idiots. PS In my view fish stores make the majority of their money not on the fish or plants, but rather on all the equipment needed to care for them.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Well put. :)

It is true that I made 83% of my income on equiptment, not livestock. I think a combonation of experience and trustworthy knowledege is vital to any very successful aquarium. Again Well put. :)
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Well said everyone. Even the most experienced fish keepers can be misinformed or make mistakes. Stores are often busy, distracting places. Research allows you to draw from *multiple* sources, which leaves a lot less room for error.

It can be especially tricky with plants, as often their emersed growth looks entirely different than their submerged growth, and most plants are grown emersed at nurseries. Sometimes you really have no idea what plant you're buying and can only do your best to guess.

My LFS keeps many reference books (more like tomes) on aquatic plants and fish, so every time I want a second or third opinion they'll pull out a book, or just go online and google it for me.
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