Strong Root tabs?
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Strong Root tabs?

This is a discussion on Strong Root tabs? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> so I was in need of some root tabs and went to my lfs, they were out of the seachem tabs. the guy recommend ...

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Strong Root tabs?

so I was in need of some root tabs and went to my lfs, they were out of the seachem tabs. the guy recommend pond root tabs, they are about double the size of the flourish root tabs and have a way stronger makeup. 10-12-8

10% nitrogen
8% potash
0.02% boron
0.05% copper
0.13% iron
0.12% manganese
0.07% zinc

derived from ammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate, urea formaldehyde, magenese sulfate, ferric sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate and boric acid

heres a link to what it is

so think I would still have to add my liquid ferts with this stuff? seems really strong what do you guys think. I have some giant swords that seem top have some macro deffiancy even with the x2 a week flourish liquid comp.
Pond Plant Nutrition: Aquatic Plant Food Tablets
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I've never used these, but I would be careful using any outdoor pond products in an indoor aquarium. I've not looked into this myself, but it may be that the nutrients are not the same, or in the same proportions, or the products may break down differently (more on this below).

As for liquid and substrate fertilizers, both are generally needed, or if only one then the liquid is usually better. Aquatic plants take up some nutrients via their leaves, potassium, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon come to mind. A liquid fertilizer provides these into the water column, and as the water column does get into the substrate, the nutrients in a liquid thus cover all bases. So all plants, be they substrate-rooted or not, benefit.

Substrate fertilizers get taken up only via the roots in the substrate. Substrate tabs are not designed to break down into the water column, so they only provide certain nutrients to plants rooted in the substrate. This is where we come back to the pond products, which for all I know may break down into the water column. This could overload the water in an aquarium with nutrients, which could trigger algae or high nitrates.

Terrestrial fertilizers are not beneficial in an aquarium for some of the same reasons, but in this case they certainly contain different and unnecessary nutrients and different proportions of others.

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Yah, check how they are supposed to be used. If they are to be just placed in the pond water they are aimed at dissolution in the water and that would not be good for the aquarium. If they are meant for substrate insertion, you might get away with breaking them up and using them in pieces.

If 'twere me, I'd wait for the Seachem's.

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"Specially formulated plant food promotes blooming and lush foliage in aquatic plants. Strengthens marsh and bog plant stems and leaves - maximizes optimal growth all season long directly through their roots - without adding excess nutrients to pond water. 60 tablets. Insert 1 tablet for every gallon of planting media."

I dunno, substrate after all but if they are bigger and are only lasting a month instead of the 3 months that the seachems are for... I would still suggest not using them... you would hate to have an algae bloom as I hear those are nasty to get rid of.

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well I already had bought them so I plopped a few in, well see how things go. thanks for the info though!! just wanted to get some others insight and see what everyone thought. the algae is a risk but ive dealt with and got rid of more then a few recently. atleast ill know whats causing it this time.
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