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What is your final ideal stocking list?
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my final stocking list will be what's in my signature. the only other fish left to add is 3 more harlequins to get my number to 10 (currently have 7 now) and that's it.
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Okay, I just wanted to double check that I wouldn't be overstocking your tank with this advice. I would personally stay with 6 in this case but you can pull off 8 if you watch your parameters.
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-nodnod- yeah thats the one thing I dn't want to do hahaa. well i'll toss in 1 more cory with my paycheck and see how my tank handles. I did just add the 8 neons yesterday so this week I'll be testing my tank to make sure my bacteria is still A-O-K.
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It should be with as small of a bioload as neons have. Just stay on top of things and you'll do fine. Keep up the good work!
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well just lost 2 of my 8 neons today literally just now or within this past few hours. Had all 8 this morning all fine and dandy. Checked my water perameters after i removed them and everything checks out. Nitrates are about 20ppm (kind of surprised with all the plants in there they aren't lower but oh well) but my tap carries about 5ppm of nitrates so everytime I do WC's whatever amount of nitrates I have in there at that time I add 5ppm more during my changes. No ammonia or nitrites and all my other fish are fine.

The neons didn't have anything on them that I could see with the naked eye. My assumtion is it was just stress or poor system. Ya' know petsmart pumps their tanks full of meds so obviously that diminishes the fish's immune system so when they're put in a tank that doesn't have any meds i guess it could act as a sort of shock. Their color was really nice too, not pale or 'sickly' looking.

We'll see if there are any more losses tomorrow morning. I'll be bringing the dead neons back to petsmart for a refund tomorrow. Debating on whether to just replace them with 2 more or just keep the neons at 6 for now and monitor them a bit.

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Damn neons are so sensetive, but very pretty though.
Good luck with your tank!

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yeah I've read about them that because of inbreeding they aren't as 'tough' or 'hardy' as they used to be, but I figured cus my tank had finished cycling and it had been a week afterwards and the other fish (othr than 1 harly) was fine soooo well... it happens.

We'll see what happens.
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Some stocks are of higher quality than others. Neons are like the most popular aquarium fish so breeding pressures are immense. It's really the luck of the draw.

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-nodnod- yeah.

Well no new deaths this morning. The remaining 6 are active and eating. My water still checks out. Well, not bad for a newbie. Only 3 deaths in the 2 weeks after a finished cycle and all 3 of them were the fish themselves, not my tank. Could be worse is all i tell myself P:
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