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Beautiful tank!
Congratulations on achieving a fully cycled tank...its a great feeling , I know!

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hehe thank you :D my fish are settling in nicely, gotta get 6 more harly's this weekend to bring the total to 10 snce petsmart only had 5 and i lost one due to stress. Might get 1 more false julii to bring it to 6 but idk with my BN Peco in there. they seem fine with just 5 and that was the original stock i wanted. thoughts?
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Added some neon tetras and really liking the activity now. bought 3 more harlys (someone came in friday and snagged most of them litterally just an hour or so before me) so I still gotta get 3 more but i got 8 neons, though i meant to get only 7 but the guy gave me an extra (found out after i got home) sooo yay for free fish. spent 10$ on 11 fish, saved 11$. haha yeah petsmart is having a huge fish sale soooooo

but yeah. everyone's lookin good. my tank parameters are still in check. tested before the WC and ammonia and nitrites were 0, nitrates I think werea bout 10, so it looks like once a week WCs is what ill be doing :D (only say that cus i know theres some peeps who do 2) We'll see how this week goes.
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I would up the corys to 8 but I like my schools on the larger side. I would at least add the extra to bring it to 6.
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you sure there's enough room with my BN? I don't want to spend 5$ per cory only to find out after the 19 day return policy that it's just too much down there.
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The BN will go everywhere, not just on the bottom. I wouldn't be worried in the least.
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well, alrighty then. When I get my next paycheck I'll get some more. They're fun little guys to watch.
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What filter are you running on the tank?
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topfin 40g internal. pumps 171g/hr
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