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Spare Tank

My RT betta just died leaving me with an empty tank. The tank he lived in was a 6.5 UK gallon which is about 8 for you Americans

Anyway, I have always wanted to grow plants that don't end up dying after a few weeks, so I'm considering either a palaudium (I think thats how you spell it) with a pair of fiddler crabs or a planted tank with a few neon tetras.

However, the tank came with an unsuitable hood which would never be able to hold a full lighting system. I've tried for months to find a hood that would fit my tank but its 23 just for the hood and it doesn't come with a starter or bulb, thats when I had the idea of using a desk lamp. I researched loads and came across this one on Amazon. Its a 27 watt bulb with the colour temp of 6500k

Lifemax High Vision Reading Light 250.2 Desktop High Vision Reading Light: Lighting Lifemax High Vision Reading Light 250.2 Desktop High Vision Reading Light: Lighting

What do you guys think? will it grow my plants long term? and will I only be restricted to low-light or will any plant survive long term under this lamp?

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Try Compact Florescent light bulbs, they are like normal bulbs so if you have an extra lamp you can use(The can be 6500k), Also I am guessing you have a T8 fixture so look for 6500k T8 bulb at a LFS.

For starter plants I would recommended Java Moss, Java Fern(My betta loves those), Amazon Sword plant, Vallsneria(SP?). The when you have success with those try other plants that catch your eye.

If you love bettas they love plants and since I have put mine in a planted tank I have seen a huge improvement. More colorful, more active, and he shows all his fins, so I believe he is very happy. But tetras are awesome too.

Just my thought.
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Yeah, I've looked at normal bulbs but can't find any with a 6500k and also with a good amount of watts, thats when I found that desk lamp.
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Look into some T5 fixtures they will be alittle more expensive and more k but worth it IMO maybe even CP lights that will provide enough light on the tank
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The tank doesn't have a decent hood for a lighting unit, its just a crappy little plastic thing so I don't think I'd be able to have the T5 lighting. If the desk lamp in the link will grow decent plants then i'm more than happy with that, it is 6500k and 27watts but I can't get my head around the whole lighting thing so thought I would get opinions on here before I bought it lol.
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That light fixture should work fine- it will actually be a LOT of light.

You'll need some floating plants so you don't blind your fishes. (I only use 20-23 watts for 10 gallons)

I can grow a wide variety of plants... Even my cabomba furcata is doing well now. Look into soil substrates ;)

My only complaint for that light is that the replacement bulb will probably be extremely expensive.

I bought bendy incandescent lamps at thrift stores for a couple dollars, and just replaced the bulb with a CFL.

If you're thinking about ordering a fixture online, it would be a whole lot cheaper to order the bulb online.
As for the bulbs- Have you seen anything labeled cool white or daylight? Those are probably 6500k.
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