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The 7500k is more on the higher end which often gives a more purple look to fish/ plants that I pers don't like. But as far as 18" t8 bulbs are concerned that's standard sizes and I got like 6 of them here I just but them at Lowes by GE called "Daylight" and they're 6500k and work extremely well on plants I can assure you that. To me its pointless to buy these bulbs at the "petstore" rather then the homestore or walmart when its the SAME thing just 3-4x the price at the petsore when at Lowes, Homedepot, Walmart any brand like GE, Bright Effects, Phillips sell's daylight bulbs of all sizes @ 6500k as well for a fraction of the cost.

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Hey guys Im new to the forum :) I wanted to make a quick reply to the above post. You can carefully disinfect almost anything with boiling water, heat , or the drip method using household bleach. When you use the drip method make sure you rinse rinse rinse the item/items several times. With larger stone or items I run them thru my dishwasher without adding soap or anything else to the cycle= just let it run thru to completion.If you want to clean smaller gravel
then you can place it in a pillowcase and once again run it thru the dishwasher on the upper rack. Ive been doing this for years without incident
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Sorry if you're already done, but I found something that would look AWESOME.

Do a seach locally for "3M Colorquartz" I believe the type S is more like sand. The particles are 1-2mm in size, and basically sand coated with ceramic. (completely inert, I've read about entire forums that switched to this as a substrate) I plan on getting it as a cover for my 50G.

It's useful because:
1. it's cheap- $20-$25 for 50 Ib's
2. Lots of colors available... You can create some really nice blends- it's available in 16 colors.
A blend of 1 part buff, 1 part white, 1 part brown, and 2 parts tan would look nice.

Keep in mind also that fish show their colors better over a darker substrate most of the time. The soil in the amazon, for example, is a bright red, but it's covered with layers of silt and plant debris so it's really more of a darkish-brown/black.
I plan on getting mostly black, with a touch of red and brown if I can find a small qty of them. If not, I'll use some small pebbles on top of the black sand to give it depth (imo)

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
Just be aware that you might introduce any number of toxins or biological problems. This applies to any introduced item from nature, be it wood, rock or sand/gravel. You probably have no way of kowing what substances may have come into contact with the material at some point in the past and have been absorbed, nor can you know what pathogens there may be. While boiling and/or drying may eliminate some of these, it may not eliminate all toxins if they are present. It is always a risk, just so you recognize that.
I have to agree with this post. I had a piece of driftwood that I collected from a local lake (which is unpolluted because it is a drinking supply) that I boiled for hours before introducing it to my tank. I still ended up with a leech in there...yuck! Not only that, but there must have been something bad in the wood since it seemed to adversely affect my fish. I would not try it again, nor will I ever use anything collected from outside in my aquariums in the future. There are so many variables that can go wrong in a tank that it is just not worth it to me to have my decorations be one of them. Sorry if I'm a bit of a downer; I just like to play it safe.

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