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Should I buy the seeds or the plant?

Well I want to add plants, but which should I go with? I dont care how long it takes to grow btw
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plants most definately.

its easier to do ur landscapeing and stuff...

and the seeds aren't always a guarunty

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also will this be ok with a pleco in the tank?
and semi Agressive fish?
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The bulbs they sell are generally plants which need to go through a dormant period, which is a pain. Definitely go for already grown plants.

Will the pleco eat plants? It depends on what kind of pleco and what kind of plants. For instance, gold nugget plecos often have a taste for sword plants.
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it depends wat type of seeds you mean. like bulbs or something like java moss seeds? the other thing is that do you want plants now? or can you wait a little while (usually like 2-3 months, and, like markiee said, planting the seed doesnt mean the seed will work)

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