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I have 2 olveaceous aponogenton plants in my aquarium that were allowed to seed "OOPS" however i would like to start a few new ones, so how do i make it happen ?
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Getting aquarium plants to flower, pollinate and seed is not usually easy (or even possible for most of us) so lucky you. Well done.

I checked with Peter Hiscock (his book, not the author) about seeds and he suggests that it is better to plant the seeds in damp soil in a small glass container (an unused small tank, goldfish bowl, even a jar) and add water when they sproat, keeping the leaves under water as they grow; transfer them to a regular aquarium at about 4 inches with 4-5 leaves. Alternatively, plant as before in damp soil and grow them emersed until about 4 inches tall, then transfer them to an aquarium. Almost all nursery raised aquarim plants are grown this way, emersed, which is why their leaves look different from those they develop when we plant them in a tank.

He also says you must plant the seeds immediately, not leave them.


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thank you byron, so much trouble you went to,so i'm going to try this method tomarrow. I will place one plant in dirt and a full container of waterr outside; perhaps that bee will come back by ha ha. I'll be placing one plant outside so the seeds will fall off naturally then i will retrieve them and folllow your instructions. Thanks again.
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Well i placed my plant in a tall wtaer picher and the seeds floated on top for 2 days, i removed them manually on that swcond day and planted them in very moist potting soil covered the container in saran wrap and placed it in the sun altogether it's been 4 days and still no sprouts i will continue to moisten the soi l ; since it's not that much trouble, and perhaps a sprout may come.
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Originally Posted by catfishtabbi View Post
I have 2 olveaceous aponogenton plants in my aquarium that were allowed to seed "OOPS" however i would like to start a few new ones, so how do i make it happen ?
I have been selling the Hybrid Aponogetons for about 8 years now...i think that is the plant you have true olveaceous aponogetons are hard to come by but never the less what you may be referring to or the long strems that grow from the plant those are the flowers from the plants and will not produce a plant.....but if you were lucky to get one that sprouts suckers which i have then all you have to do is puck off the ball and ir should all really have afew small leaves on them and just plant them in your tank ...hope this also helps good luck
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