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Originally Posted by Fishin Pole View Post
Mitch, if your cichlids see them, they will eat them.............i feed some of the pest snails from my other tanks to my africans, and they usually dont hit the substrate till they are eaten
FishinPole- Not that I'd ever disagree with you (afterall, we share an island ) but I find the MTS to be very different from pest snails or any other snails. An adult MTS has a rock hard shell that I can't crush with my fingers and they are able to retreat pretty far back into their shells once they shut their operculum. Not even my loaches can get into these shells and loaches have an extreme fondness for snails. I watch my loaches toss them about, then they lose interest and move onto something else.
IMHO only a puffer could get into the shell of an MTS. Just my experience with them...

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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A friend of mine gave me some about 5 years ago and i put them in with my africans.....................I have never seen them since........You can disagree with me anytime.......I dont and never will claim to know it all and I like to have debated discussions over certain topics, as long as both parties can respect the other persons opinion...We had a bunch of short-termed members on here a few weeks ago who tried to cram their way of thinking down everyone's throat........
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As for me, I will always defer to experience over opinion so, I just learned that africans can eat MTS!

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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