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Roseate Lighting for plants

I'm cutting down on the lighting for my 29 gallon tank. I would like to cut my lighting by 50%. I currently have 2 T5HO 6700k 24 watt bulbs. I wanted to totally remove 1 light but the fixture will not work without 2 lights making contact.

It is my understanding that pink roseate lights are for reefs and not freshwater plants. If I do add a 24 watt 650 nm pink roseate bulb will this be detrimental to the plants if it runs next to a T5HO 24 watt 6700k bulb? I am assuming also that this bulb would also help me achieve my goal of lowering my wattage by 50% in relation to plant needs and growth. Basically I would just be using this bulb to make my electrical connection to make the fixture work.

The reason I am asking is that this fixture came with the roseate light that I had swapped out for 6700k mentioned above. At least this way I could use the pink roseate without just throwing it away.

As usual thanks in advance for any responses.

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I believe what you have is the Aquaticlife T5HO, what they call 'Roseate' is similar to plant grow bulbs from other manufactures, the pink hue comes from the blue and red wavelength light (needed for photosynthesis) these bulbs produce. It is the bulbs that produce light at 420 nm wavelength (blue) that is used in marine set-ups, I believe for corals. Regardless of spectrum, any bulb that works in this fixture will be 24 watts and will produce a lot of light. Changing the spectrum won't really reduce it.
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That's what I was afraid of. I guess I'll just have to buy some low wattage bulbs or change my light fixture above the tank to achieve my goal.

Thanks for your input Quantum

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The fixtures only take specific bulbs regarding wattage, the 24" T5HOs are 24 watts. There are non-High Output T5s that are14 watts in this size that may fit the fixture, but I don't think it would be a good idea to send more energy through a bulb not designed to take it, so I would stay with HO bulbs in a HO fixture.
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I agree with Quantum, with one technical exception. I believe that T5 fixtures will run any T5 tube, be it NO or HO? So unless I'm mistaken in this, NO tubes would reduce your intensity. But finding NO tubes is not easy in my experience, though perhaps where you live it is different.

Aside from the above, reducing the intensity would mean a new fixture, either a single T5 tube or a T8 dual or single. Mention isn't made of plant species and other data, so I can't at this point recommend one over the other. But I will say that a single T8 tube over my 29g provides sufficient light for all but the fussiest of plants.

A further option is floating plants. They do a terrific job of reducing light intensity. And under any of the above scenario, I strongly recommend floating plants. Their "side effects" with respect to water conditions is a real bonus too.


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