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Question River Plants

Just got back from the Tuolumne River here in California. I stumbled upon some floating plants that I thought looked pretty good for my 135 gallon tank. I have never had a planted tank, and figured why not try them out. I got a few questions though. First off, is it safe to put plants from the river directly into the tank? Second question is, what type of plant is it? Third is how do I care for them? I included some pics because a post with pics is worth 1000 posts ya know?

Tank has a Rena Filstar XP4 canister filter, 2 heaters that are currently not on, and a single light strip with a cool white bulb. It finished cycling about 2 weeks ago and has 4 dinky size gold fish. Temperature is 70 degrees.
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im not sure, maybe some sort of frogbit?

if you are going to use them i personally would dip them in a mild bleach solution to kill off bacterias, diseases, pests and so forth. i think the ratio is 20 parts water to 1 part bleach. just swirl the plants around well for about 2 or 3 minutes and then put them into some water with a dechlorinator and swirl them around some more.
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I do not know neither, but one fish is right. you should wash it well before. I cannot recommend a type of wash. it is a pretty plant.
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Limnobium spongia (aka Frogbit) a very invasive plant in the tank. It will need light just like any other tank plant; ideally you'd wanna have a light strip stocked with a Daylight bulb that's rated around 6500 Kelvin.

That all said its too easy to carry diseases and other unwanted guests from a river plant in to your tank system, while you can rinse off the plant with water its not gonna kill off any bacteria or alike so I'd be very careful to carry anything (rocks, plants, wood) from a river/ sea side into a enclosed miniature habitat for fish.

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Nice water Hyacinth! IMO, pretty nice score.
Got one in my 5G, but the plant's pretty small.

For me, it grows slower than nearly everything else I have.

True, many people would say it's not worth the risk and you should take it outside and burn it.

I'm not neccesarily one of them... I got mine from a "wild" fish pond. I did get end up getting some little critters from them, but they were harmless. (2 little invertabrate species were swimming around my tank for a while... one was a little worm that crawled on the sides, and the other was a little speck that swam around the tank. I introduced a ghost shrimp to the tank and he ate every one of them within a day. lol)

Just balance the risk and decide for yourself if its worth it. Chances are pretty slim that it is carrying something, but it's possible. If you let the plant stay in your tank without any fish at all for a month or so, then that would likely eliminate any parasites that could be on it, leaving bacteria and viruses if any.
A healthy fish could probably fight those off even if they did get carried, and it's also pretty likely that the plant is covered in infusoria (bacteria and microorganisms that are harmless) which could seed your tank for any future fry born in the tank.

If you leave it in afishless tank to QT it, I think it would be relatively safe. (again, decide for yourself if its worth it. If I was keeping discus, I wouldn't have done it. I put it in a tank full of snails and ghost shrimp- if it infected all my inverts, oh well I'm out less than a dollar. lol.)

just my 2 cents, take it for what its worth. Which is 2 cents.

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^^ genius

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