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Re-planting plants

Hey guys I was wondering... is it bad if i completely take out all the plants to re-organize my planted aquarium??
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Not sure if it's good or bad but I have done it with no ill effect to my plants.
Sometimes it's just fun to rearrange things. :)

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Done that plenty of times.
Here a few safe ideas to do it: Pull them out gently (don't rip them out) leave them either floating in the water or take enough water out of your tank (during weekly water change) and have them float in there while you re- design, so they don't dry out by eg. laying outside (don't do that).
Last but not least, and this is the most important step now...When you're done post pictures
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I pull them out almost once every week to re-arrange, my tank has plants, but I think it's only lightly planted considering the amount of tank I have to fill up -- I figure, 1 plant now 5 plants later.

I started with 3 amazon swords, now I have 10 without buying anymore, I just broke them off as they grew too big and replanted them with no ill affects, I did have a lot, and I mean a lot of crashes -- but I figured out what happened and now all the fish are happy and plants are happy too. no more hydrogen sulfied for meh!

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Shouldn't be a problem as long as you :
- Keep the plants wet
- Keep the plants at a temp between 70-80
- Don't do this too often. Some plants don't like to be constantly disturbed.
- Don't let your two-year-old get into the plants when you're not looking. (but that's another story)
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