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Question about how CO2 with relation to pH and KH

I got a chart to measure CO2 with my test kit. It takes your KH and your pH and gives you your CO2 level.

My current pH is 8 and my KH is 8. According to this chart with such a pH, there is no way to get 15ppm of CO2 in the tank (what I think is recommended for plants?). Currently I been giving half a cap of Flourish Excel for my 28 gallon tank to try and supplement my plants since I don't have CO2 injection now.

With my water type is it pointless to get CO2, will my water not be able to hold onto it with its high pH and KH? Or is there not a relation once you get injected CO2?

Should I try to bring my water pH down? What happens then when I have to do my weekly 10% water changes with my tap water which is hard and ph of a little over 8 (I think its come down to 8 over the few weeks I have had my tank going so far, but started higher). Will I have to buffer the pH after every water change? How will fish handle this once I finally get them in?

Any and all help appreciated.
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gas co2 will lower the ph. the goal is 20-30ppm. i wouldnt mess with the ph. adding co2 gas will help.
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If adding CO2 will bring it down to lower levels than it is now. Will doing water changes be a pain? Should I stop using my tap water and get distilled water or something that is cleaner?

On a side note: somehow some hitch-on-the-roots snails are walking around in my toxic soup of a cycling fish tank right now with lethal levels of Nitrite. Not sure how they are surviving, hahaah...
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no distilled water is bad to use. just reg tap water. when i do water changes i just put the hose in and turn it on.

snails will never die.... lol.... i had them in cycling tanks with ammonia 5ppm.
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If you want to condition your water at all, don't bother using chemicals. I store a 10 gallon tank under my 65 and keep it running at 86 deg. I have a piece of wood in there to keep the pH low so that there is no change when I change water. It's perfect, and I always have a fresh supply of conditioned water available anytime.
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