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Problem feeding now that live plants have been introduced....

<--- link to aquarium for details.

Now that i have added java fern on one end of the tank and a few stems of anacharis, my fish seems to hide when i feed it. Not a big deal, i understand that Serpaes are shy but the problem is bc of my tank i think. B/c i only have a 6"x6" opening in the top, whatever food i add gets swept down right away by the filter. It then settles on the substrate before he comes out from hiding. Will it just sit there and rot? Is a fish that stubborn? Or, will he find it when he is hungry enough? Its been 2 days since i fed him last and the most recent plant, anacharis, wasn't there then. Any tips, ideas, anything? thanks guys!
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derr...i just read somewhere else...turn the filter off when feeding. ha i bet that will work.
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well that doesn't seem to be helping. filters been off just shy of 30 minutes and all the food is still floating. ugh!
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With just the one fish,,you would only need to feed maybe half a dime size amount of food once every other day.(actually,this amount would feed six to eight of the tetra's)
If the fish get's hungry enough,,it will forage along the bottom.
Might also consider shrimp or a few Malaysian Trumpet snail's.They will help police the bottom.
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The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Do you only have one tetra? If so, it will be really shy and stressed without other tetra. The minimun I would keep together would be 4-6 tetra. They are schooling fish and need other fish to really do well. I have neon tetras and started with four. They would really school tight and hide. I added four more and now they swim all over and interact a lot.
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yes i know this now, but at the same time its too soon to add anything else or else they will probably die. I think i got lucky with this guy. More fish will be added after the cycle...

picture updated.

Also, MMAfish, I think having more than one in there will help him find food bc 12 eyes are better than 2 ;)

He didn't have as much space to hide completely before and i think the plant blocks his view of where the food comes from now. i did manage to get him to eat something so i okay for now. Maybe he is a little stressed from his environment changing the last few days. I introduced the Java Fern, then 2 days later i took the ship out and put the Anacharis in and did about a 40% water change. I will update you on his habits in 2 days.

p.s. i have been feeding once every other day for about a week now. before i was feeding him twice a day. I had a HUGE ammonia spike shortly after that and changed my feeding habits.

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I would also put some stress coat in if you have it. It helps them to adjust. I feed my Neons once a day. A little extra food isn't bad, because it will help your plants. Like you said, too much will cause Ammonia. Good Luck. :)

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i still have not completed my cycle so i am trying to take it easy. Seems my nitrates and nitrites are at good levels but too much ammonia still. Once that levels out, i will introduce a few more fish and maybe even up the feeding. depends on how many fish i get. I want 6 but that will be pretty crowded in a 6 gal. I was told as long as i am meticulous about my testing and cleaning it can work though. I have not made a decision on how many fish to go with in the end seeing as the end is still a ways away.
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As someone mentioned, the lone Serpae Tetra is hiding because it is stressed out by being alone. All tetra are shoaling fish, they live in large groups of hundreds, and they "expect" to have several of their species around them for security. They also have social interactions within the group. This species is best with no less than 8 fish, more being even better.

But here we come to some problems.

This is only a 6 gallon tank. There is insufficient space for this many fish, both from the standpoint of water quality and physical space. When this species, even more than most tetra, is in too small a space, it can increase the aggressive nature. The fish will literally nip each other to death.

I would strongly suggest that you consider different fish for this (small) tank, and hopefully return the Serpae. You can read more in our profile, click the shaded name. And browse the profiles for some ideas on suitable fish; minimum tank sizes and minimum numbers for each species are given.

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I agree. This poor fish is severely stressed because it is alone. I would attempt to return the fish and start fishless cycling your tank. It will take less time to fishless cycle your tank than it would to fish-in cycle.

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