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Power outage + plants = ??!

This is a discussion on Power outage + plants = ??! within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Haha! That's funny - I would have thought the duckweed, above all else, would have survived! Good to know, though - thanks!...

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Power outage + plants = ??!
Old 07-02-2012, 04:12 PM   #11
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Haha! That's funny - I would have thought the duckweed, above all else, would have survived! Good to know, though - thanks!
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Old 07-02-2012, 04:14 PM   #12
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Wow, sorry hear about your troubles over there!! with all those tanks it must be a veritable nightmare!

sheesh though I had it bad when I woke up to a power cut last friday, lasted all of about 15 minutes.. I was straight onto the power company, but by the time I had found the number to call, by using cellular data on my iPhone, which in my area is non existent the power had come back on... So scary. I couldn't imagine 48 hours plus.. without the internet... *wipes beads of sweat off of his furrowed brow at the thought of no internet connection....

Any casualties yet? can't believe the filters can be off for all that time with no detrimental effect. I thought Byron was telling someone the other day the the bacteria in the filter needs oxygen to survive so by leaving filters off for anything longer than a water change could endanger the bacteria, causing cycles to take effect. urghh.. what a nightmare.

Hope the rams are all good!

chin up x
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Old 07-02-2012, 04:49 PM   #13
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Thanks, Simon. Nightmare, indeed! All else aside - 100f heat (umm almost 38C) with humidity high enough to slice with a knife has been a trial, to say the least. . . Would have been tough enough, but worse with two little girlies (just turned 2 and 5) who are way overtired because they can't sleep in the heat and just don't understand what's going on. But we're blessed, we still have running water, and I am SO happy that we've gotten a loan on this generator! At least we now have two rooms cool, filtration on the tanks, and the INTERNET (including vids that the girls can watch when all else fails!)

I've also read that having the filtration cut for any length of time can endanger the bacteria - and I'm glad that I had that information BEFORE losing power. I did small water changes as often as I could - going no more than 3 hours at a stretch, in the hopes that agitating the water surface would add much-needed oxygen to the water column, and remove any toxins that might be building up in there.

So far *knock on wood* it seems to have worked - there have been NO losses, and the fish and frogs seem to be coming though this with flying colors. Tanks tested perfectly today, but for the betta tank, which is still showing a low reading of nitrItes. Even with the filters on, I'm keeping up with small water changes (not as frequently, more on the betta tank, as I know things are off in there), as I know that things can nose-dive quickly when tanks get wobbly.

That said, obviously I'm feeling MUCH more comfortable with the whole situation now that I have filters going in the tanks, and access to information online (AND AIR CONDITIONING!!!) Glad to hear that YOUR outage was short and sweet! Hopefully our power will be up and running again soon - and all will remain well with the wet pets!

Thanks for the well-wishes! I'll keep you all posted as long as I am able - hopefully with good news and full power soon!
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Old 07-02-2012, 06:27 PM   #14
Just be optimistic and consider it training incase there is ever an apocalypse. rhymon78 I'm not sure about your chances

Filter bacteria actually survives a long time as long as it is kept wet and has oxygen. Another forum I use members actually ship mature filter media 3-4 days in the mail and it does just fine at consuming ammonia when it reaches its destination. Plants consume ammonia as well and will help keep the tanks from spiking.
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Old 07-02-2012, 10:48 PM   #15
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BWA HA HA!!! Mikah - you crack me up! Thanks for the reassurance. I need it. . .

In case of apocalypse, you'll be rockin' it Tank Girl style (pun intended) while I starve stupidly to death tending a bowl full of fat, healthy fish, which I can't eat to save my own life because they have NAMES and I LOVE them!!!

Hopefully you can come and rescue both Simon and me, and we can save the world together!

I did NOT know that it was possible to actually MAIL filter media! Considering that there are bacteria-in-a-bottle products out there, I guess this makes sense. . . . but it's the lack of oxygen that poses a problem in a tank with no filtration, right? Though I suppose the same would be true in a mailing bag. Hmm. I might have to try an experiment on this at some point. Like when my power comes back on and I'm sure everything is okay in there!

We've just stepped into the beginning of day #4 without power. This is getting really old. . .
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Old 07-03-2012, 12:53 AM   #16
LOL That was a good movie! I fish would get eaten, half of them are little ***** that I both love and hate. The rest I am indifferent about lol. But honestly they would be safe for awhile cuz you have to eat all that fridge and freezer food before it goes bad.

I'm just optimistic about everything. This sad excuse for a college town has a $200 fine for chasing squirrels, which is more then underage drinking. I'm convinced there must be a logical reason and that no one likes squirrels leaping out of garbage cans that much. I have concluded they are just letting them breed so when the apocalypse comes there will be loads of retarded squirrels for everyone.

I personally have little trust in bottled products. O2 is an issue and thats going to be extremely lacking in a bottle. However they don't really consume that much O2, especially if there is no food to be had. Metabolism slows and so does respiration. Mature media ships pretty well just via priority shipping. There is some loss but its not very significant unless shipping is slow. It can be lessened if you add a small amount fish food or ammonia to the bag. Sometimes when I have fish shipped in there will be a chunk of filter media in the bags with them.

In a tank with no filtration O2 will still diffuse into the water naturally. If this is fast enough to keep fish alive depends on everything from plants, to biomass, to surface area. I've personally let my 20 gallon high sit stagnant for a week with light, a medium bioload and tons of plants. The point was to see how long it could just sit there before things started going south. After the first week O2 was the problem, however if it had not been a soil substrate tank I would not of been surprised if it could of gone much longer.
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Chesh (07-03-2012)
Old 07-03-2012, 08:49 AM   #17
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Optimism is a good thing - Today I'm being optimistic because the power was restored across the street! HUZZAH! Sadly, they're on different lines than we are, but we MUST be getting close.

That was a cool experiment to do... I wonder how long things would have lasted WITHOUT the lights on? That's been one of my concerns, because without the tank lights, I don't know how well the plants are going to be able to absorb nutrients/toxins OR provide oxygen to the tank. But at least they should all be alive at the end of all this - like you said, they DO survive shipping very well. At least now I have filtration, and I really think we're reaching the end of this debacle. . . hoping, anyway! Of course then there's the problem of getting rid of all the algae that appeared during all of this *sigh* 's okay, though! We'll cross that bridge when we come to it :)

Thanks for the encouragement, as always!
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Old 07-03-2012, 10:43 PM   #18
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"By the Power of Greyskull... I Have the Power!"

Yeah, I'm a dork and just totally dated myself, but the POINT is??! HUZZAH! My electricity is back ON!!! *DANCES* Almost 5 days to the minute - and it had BETTER not go out again or someone might find me babbling and drooling in the corner!

Thanks for all of the help over the last few days! *HUGS*
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Old 07-04-2012, 11:47 AM   #19
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You dated yourself? How does that work??.......
Posted via Mobile Device
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Old 07-04-2012, 01:22 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Yeah, I'm a dork and just totally dated myself, but the POINT is??! HUZZAH! My electricity is back ON!!! *DANCES* Almost 5 days to the minute - and it had BETTER not go out again or someone might find me babbling and drooling in the corner!

Thanks for all of the help over the last few days! *HUGS*

I'm not even going to ask . . . :p
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