To pot or not?
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To pot or not?

This is a discussion on To pot or not? within the Beginner Planted Aquarium forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hi all. I have purchased plants in the past, but never one in a pot. I now have a red flame sword that I ...

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To pot or not?

Hi all. I have purchased plants in the past, but never one in a pot. I now have a red flame sword that I would like to put into an aquarium, and I was hoping to be able to keep it in the pot so that I can move it later if necessary. Is this realistic? Or does it really need to be removed from the pot?
Also, we always quarantine fish. I assume it's prudent to quarantine the plant as well?
Note: Most of my plants are ones that I buy from my local aquarium club for $1-3; if no one wants a plants during our monthly auction, I just bid a buck or so. That way I'm not too upset if anything dies... I'm not much with the green thumb. The substrate in my tank is just gravel, and for what I paid for the plant, it's not worth purchasing any fancy soil substrate. Like I said, I stick 'em in the tank, and sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not! I do like these: Tank Planters Large Planter 2-pack | Riparium Supply But I'm cheap, so...
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Swords are one on those plants that will benefit from a rich soil substrate. They send extensive root systems, more than a foot long. Plain sand or gravel (especially in a new setup) will not provide enough nutrients. Root tabs are a must. Once adjusted, swords don't like to be moved around.

Plants don't need to be quarantined. A quick bleach dip will pretty much get rid of algae, snails, hydra, without killing the plant.
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Ah! OK, thank you. I totally forgot about the bleach dip.
I'll see if any of my friends would like it; sounds like it's too much plant for me.
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