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Ok, give me a day or two and I will try figure it out. I am no chemist but I have my own ways to try and figure it.

This has everything but calcium and phosphates but only time will tell if you need them.

I will try to have my best guess for you tomorrow, or maybe tonight but I doubt it.
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Thanks Fish! I appreciate it. I'm rather lost with ferts. The plants are hubby's baby and the fish are mine. We both care about both, but our focuses are different. He's away for 2.5 weeks so I hate to murder his plants while he's gone!
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Ok, I am trying to get better information but a couple things right off the bat.

1 Tablespoon per 1/2 liter of water. Dose 2 drops per 10 gallons so you would be dosing 6 drops. I would start with 3 drops and measure your nitrates to be sure it is not too much, if the levels are below 10ppm, then you can dose 6 drops.

I don't know about dosing it every day but at the lower levels I have found I guess it is ok. I add 1/8 teaspoon every other day so maybe it is the right dosing daily. The important thing is to keep your levels safe for fish and high enough for plants. Nitrates will be the first thing to trigger a caution sign. If they are too high then you need to dose less and visa versa. Make sure to really shake that bottle hard and for a full minute to get the most accurate tests you can. Also make sure to keep up with water changes, at least 30% once a week if not 50% once a week. This makes sure that nothing can get too high if you don't dose too high.
That is the best article I could find on PMDD. That I trust anyway.
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so very much!! I feel a little more confident about using it and what to watch for - and that's a very complete article. Thanks again - from me, the plants, and hubby!
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Ok, I can't make any guarantees in my calculations but this is what I came up with:

A solution containing 1 tbsp of PMDD in 500ml of water; dose one ml daily:
.2975ppm NO3
.0525ppm Mg
.2275ppm K
.028ppm Fe

Those numbers are well below anything you will ever have to worry about. I would start with a 1ml dose daily. Even if you get nothing but NO3 in a tblsp you still wont't be overdosing because the most it could give you 1.2ppm NO3 total for a week and I dose 30ppm weekly.

I know my numbers are off a little but there is no way you should be able to overdose if you dose 1ml of that solution. For my NO3 I dose 3/8 of a teaspoon dry weekly so no worries.

Start low and work your way up. IF the plants need it you can dose more just do some testing to keep track of your levels just in case I am way off here but I doubt it.

And next time, get the dry fertilizers individually and we can help you figure your dosing without any headache at all and your plant will love you for it.
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Fabulous help and I know it took a lot of your time to work thru it all - it doesn't go unappreciated! Thank you from the bottom of my heart (or should that be "from the bottom of my tank"!?)
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