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Must admit I have never prepared wood myself but I know oak and beech are OK, evergreens are a big no no. The wood must be completely dead (ie no sap etc) and ideally should be dried first. The bark should be removed, although some leave it on, and any moss, lichen etc removed ... Give it a good scrub and then a good soaking. As far as I am aware that is all there is to it but hopefully somebody who has prepared wood should be able to advise further..

When looking at the fish don't forget you have different 'layers' within the tank. So to 'fill' an Amazon tank it could be populated with Hatchets (top/surface), Tetra (upper middle), Apistos (lower middle) and Corys (bottom).
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steveysquish-You mind me asking what your pH and hardness are? Know that could help you narrow down your options. If you are water that's a bit on the harder side you can keep South American fish, but I'd be pointing out different ones to you. Like for instance the Apistogramma nijsseni you're thinking bout have a hardness range of 0-4 dGH, while the Bolivian Rams are 1-10 dGH. So being a lot higher than 4 dGH would eliminate the dwarf pandas for you, unless you were going to play chemist...which you can, but it seems like you're in information overload as it is.

Really, really agree on the filling out of the levels as RSVBiffer mentioned. That's another thing you'll have to ask about on here. For instance, he used the example of tetras and Apistos for the mid top and mid bottom respectively. My tank actually has two different species of tetras filling those roles with the kitty tetras swimming above the rosy tetras.
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