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Originally Posted by debit202 View Post
I'm growing water sprite as well- I noticed to day that it and a grass i'm growing have like "hairs " on them. The water sprite that has reached the top of the tank looks like its trying to grow roots heading towards the bottom. These have been doing that for a couple days. The Hairs i noticed to day? Cause for alarm? Otherwise the plants see to be doing well
Should i cut these spots off? or trim thm and get them out of the tank?
I'd like to see a photo to be certain, but I would suspect these are roots. If you have Ceratopteris cornuta, which is the most commonly-available species of Water Sprite, it prefers to be floating. It will develop incredible plants across the surface, sending some leaves above and developing a large mass of fine roots that add a lot of oxygen to the water. It pulls a lot of toxins out of the water too, as it is very fast growing. On its leaves, daughter plants will readily form and these can be gently pulled off and left floating as new plants.

Other species sometimes seen is Ceratopteris pteridioides and C. thalictroides. These will do better planted in ths substrate.

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I have Ceratopteris thalictroides . I did plant it. It is growing well- maybe these are parts that got loose when planted and they are now trying to grow? Should I get rid of them or leave them in?
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I would see if they are attached. If not, or if they separate easily, stick em in the gravel. I have not had my C. thalictroides very long, but its not uncommon for stem plants to sprout roots along the length of the stem.

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They are attached- I just looked them up and it said they would grow roots that would detach from the mother plant when ready-not sure about the hair on them- i guess that is ok
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