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plants coming

so i am pretty excited, my wifey just let me know that he ordered some plants for me.. she said she ordered 2 dwarf hairgrass, 2 chain swords, and 2 anacharis,... so i am pretty stoked.. but have one worry, doesnt the anacharis require (or atleast recomended) co2 fertilization... but i think these will look nice in the tank. its a 75gal that allready has 4 small clumps of amazon swords.(maybe 6inched tall) whats your thoughts.
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Nothing actually "requires" additional CO2 to be added. Egeria (AKA anacharis or elodea) is really easy to grow. You can go high tech with things like pressurized CO2, EI dosing of fertilizers, etc. Or, you can go low tech just doing water changes, minimal fertilizing, and let nature take it's course! If plants have the basics: proper light, nutrients, and CO2, then most will grow without additional effort or expense! If you want faster growth, with more maintenance, or special plants with strict requirements, then you can always add complexity. I'm somewhere in the middle - I consider myself "medium" tech regarding my planted tank. Start simple, get the plants going then decide how complicated you want it!

Don't forget to read the stickies posted here! They are a great help. Also do a search for other posts by forum member Byron. His posts are a source of outstanding information.

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oh i am planning on staying low tech, i was just under the impression that the egeria would not thrive in low tech.. my mistake.. thanks..
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It prefers medium to high lighting, but grows very well with less light also - it just won't be quite as dense. I wouldn't call it a low-light plant, but it does ok with low light.
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egeria densa grows everywhere, its considered invasive in the US. The only way that I've found to be able to kill it is excessive trimming and moving of positioning. Otherwise, it just grows like mad.
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