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Plants for 125 gal

So the big day of moving is next week, and I plan to get everything set to cycle. I've been hearing plants are great for cycling and establishing tanks. What plants are good for a 125 gal? I dont want it fully planted, cause I do plant to have some fake as filler, plus I M going the cichlid route, so what are nice hardy plants that can have low lighting? Also, how many plants should I have within a 125gal?
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You can have anything in a 125, as long as it is an aquatic plant. Cichlid's can cause problems though, but I don't know enough of them to say what's a problem or not.

Java Fern is one I believe next to nothing will mess with (taste terrible to fish). It's also a good low light plant. It is very slow growing though so won't have a large impact on filtration (using ammonia).

All plants will help with ammonia, and with enough you can skip the cycling process (provided you stock fish slowly). The faster growing, the more they help. Floating plants work really good for that (Water Sprite, Amazon Frogbit are some examples).
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Anubias is another plant that will be hardy this way. It is also another slow grower though. I don't much about Cichlids but I think for the most part they will uproot more then eat the plants. I know I have heard of ppl using Jungle vallisneria or Giant Vallisneria as some ppl call it in Cichlid tanks.

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