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Planted tank and poop.

I have a 55g planted tank. I just added fish and am amazed at the amount of poop the fish drop on the substrate. I tried vacuuming but between the eco-complete and the closeness of plants i couldnt get it all. 8 hours later and it was like i never vacuumed at all.

-how does everyone else deal with fish poop?

i read you can just leave it but it sticks out and is an eye sore against the black eco-complete.

-If left how long does it take to break down?
I am so disappointed my tank looks like crap now.

11 platy
12 c. pygmaeus
2 oto
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i think your stuck with your poo poo.
you can try to carefully stir the substrate and let the debris cloud the water then syphon out the water (as the amount you do on water changes)
and then let the crappy just settle back down. ofcourse this wont get it all, you'll never get it all and even if your a boy scout about it and do get it all, 5 minutes later you just got more poo.
i can suggest:
1.adding a thin layer of gravel ontop your substrate, this will create cracks for poo to fall between (however effects certain plants rooting themselves, depending on the plant but can also benefit other plants by helping them stay rooted)
2. adding more plants, hiding the poo poo (add some low grasses to the front of the tank like dwarf hairgrass or micro swords)
3. get some ( not sure of exact name but have long spiral shells ) snails to stir up your substrate ( except these things multiply like rapid fire )
4. just take it how it is, poopy makes an additional added natural fertilizer
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Is your tank cycled? Once your tank is properly cycled the poop should break down rather quickly. Also, check the ash content of your food. It's possible you're feeding them food with a lot of ash, which isn't readily broken down. I try to shoot for under 8% in my food.
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More circulation across the bottom and problem solved. Right now I am using a powerhead and filter attached to it. It cleaned the bottom right away. My plants are growing allot better now.
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I thought fish poop causes high ammonia levels?

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In the right levels, that is steph... :)
I agree with shawn, put an internal filter at the bottom of your tank, and im pretty sure u wont have to worry bout that again. Or put a powerhead on one side of the tank, and the filter on the other hehe, get the filter to suck up whatever the powerhead powers at it. I don't know kind of dumb, just giving suggestions...

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