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I have mine on when im home, so for an hour before school, and from 6-whenever I go to bed at night; although I have a nightlight on between me and the tank, and the fishies like to swim over there. Its like counting sheep for me, only its fish. The sun isnt on 24/7 in the wild, so dont have your lights on 24/7 :D

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most fish that will eat plant matter will either do it un-noticebly or on the other end of the scale strip the tank bare overnight
Harlequin Rasboras, Neon Tetras, Honey Gouramis, Cory Cats, Guppies?
gouramies and guppies will ocasionaly pick at plants but nothing that can be percived all these fish are pedators of small inverts and plants with perhaps the xeption of algae dont really make up any real content to there diet
most snails will strip a planted tank two eceptions that i have are porcupine snails and red ramshorns both are scavengers that will not eat live plants
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