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Plant Problems

Hello Everyone I have a question about my plants. They seem to be turning brown, from the stem out to the tips of the leaves. I have 65 watts of lighting on my 30 gallon bow front, I have both liquid and tablet ferts, both with iron. and I have been changing my water weekly about 30%. I dont know what I am doing wrong.

My plants are

Java Fern
Water Wisteria
Micro sword

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Is there any carbon in your filter?
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It sounds like you are lacking fertilizers. Nitrigen most likley but could be all of them causing the plant failure.

Are you dosing anything for them? What type of lighting is it? What type of subsrtae do you have and how much?
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I have Seachem Flourite substrate, about 2 inches. I have a Coralife 65 watts compact flourescent light fixture with a 10000k/actinic bulb. and I does both liquid and tablet ferts. Seachem Flourish tablets and Plant Gro Liquid.

and they are just turning more and more brown, and algae is starting to form on the glass... :(
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A 65 watt 10,000k/actinic only gives you 32.5 watts of light when calculating the number of watts. The actininc does not contribute to the total watts. It is useful for plants but only if you have high enough wattage. This puts you at low light. Wisteria, and moneywort may grow a little but need more light and the micro swords needs a lot more light. It is a high light plant.

The best thing to do would be to switch out the bulb with a 100% 10,000K bulb if you can. This will help a lot. And try to find Seachem's nitrogen, pottasium, and trace (iron). If oyu really want to get inexpensive ferts for the long run click HERE and we will help you decide what to get to best be ready for the higher needs of the plants.
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