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^ Emmersed Bacopas are pretty hairy XD
I've never kept one underwater, so I can't say~
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I just haven't found any hairy underwater plants, perhaps emmersed that are then immersed and they still lose the hairs later anyway? Maybe this example is just that.

I would think that if there were common hairy plants I would have seen them by now, I have had over 30 types now and, other than something like hornwort or Cabomba, which are very fine leafed and not really hairy, everything appears smooth.

It was just a thought that now I wonder about.


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yes a lot of plants grown for aquariums are grown emeresed as it is much easier to propagate this way. I agree that that is very likely emeresed bacopa, it will revert back to the aquatic form given time. It is more noticeable with certain plants then others. Most all anubias, carpeting plants, and quite a few stems are more often the not sold as emersed forms. Most of the emersed stems have significant amounts of trichomes, you are correct tho that these serve no purpose underwater so you typically do not see them on aquatic plants. However most our aquarium plants are actually bog plants that live in tidal zones so they do utilize different forms of growth. I have kept a couple aquarium species growing emersed as most actually do flower fairly easy. Either grown in a very humid enclosure or in a 1/2 full aquarium.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
That fist plant looked, to me, to not be aquatic... Something about the "hairs" on the stem mainly. I decided to go looking tonight and see as I had a discussion about hairy land plants with my daughter and I casually mentioned that I didn't think there were water plants that had hairs like that. The plant we were looking at I couldn't identify but this first plant has the same sort of hair structure on the stem (trichomes).

I looked up what functions those hairs perform on plants and almost none are necessary in plants that grow under water. Almost every reference that involved looking for "hairy aquatic plants" involved results that included algae of various sorts, hair algae the most predominant.

Looking for images of aquatic plants that have hairs like that came up blank.

Perhaps I am off base with this but I do wonder if it is a true aquatic plant? Many times terrestrial plants are sold as aquatic and buyers are none the wiser even when they die of, perhaps sometimes as long as months later though. They, of course, believe it was their lacking skills that killed the plant.

Anyway, that wasn't much help but I got to ramble on a bit.

Went back and asked he guy what type this was and he said "Bacopa" I googled it and it is in fact Bacopa.
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