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Plant ID

Hey guys, my LFS gave me a free plant today, and it's pretty cool. It floats at the top, but I have no idea what it is. Here are a couple pics from the top and from the bottom:



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Looks like Duckweed (Lemna minor). They are easy to grow. I have Water lettuce (Pistia stratiote) and will be getting some duckweed too.
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It's not duckweed - the roots are all wrong. Amazon Frogbit, maybe, or a Salvinia species or maybe it's the one species of floating ludwegia.

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Salvinia molesta a rootless aquatic fern.

the roots are all wrong
What looks like roots are stems
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I can get behind that.

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Either way do I need to do anything with it other than let it float?
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nope ...just let it float :o
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Awesome, the perfect plant for me!

It was kind of annoying me yesterday because there were so many parts of it just floating around the tank, but I think it was just the dead ends. Now that it's been there a day it is spread out real nicely on the top and even when fish swim through it it's not breaking apart very easily.
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'Tis a salvinia in my opinion. Love_my_fish is probably right.:) Wish you could ship some for me.

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I couldn't identify it for sure but I found a SITE that has a little information. Be aware that this is one plant that is banned in some states and illegal to posses.

It might be one of the 3, I don't know but it doesn't look like any of them to em.
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